North Vision Song Contest 1
Country Flag of Georgia Georgia
National selection
Selection process National Selection
Selection date(s) Voting: 22 March 2013
Results: 23 March 2013
Selected entrant Meldaze & VIA Gra
Selected song "Prityazhenʹya bolʹshe net"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (19th, 26 points)
Georgia in the North Vision Song Contest
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Georgia took part in the first edition of the North Vision Song Contest which was hosted in Budapest, Hungary. The country was represented by Meladze and VIA Gra with the song "Prityazhenʹya bolʹshe net". The entry was selected via a national selection.

National Selection

Georgia selected their entry through a national selection. DR announced that the entrant will be the Russian singer Valery Meladze, who is of Georgian descent. The national selection contained 4 songs of Meladze, some of them featured other artists like Vahtang or VIA Gra. The other NBU broadcaster were able to vote in this NS by either giving points to the songs or ranking the songs. The rankings were later converted into points.

Draw Artist Song Final Points
1 Meladze ft. Vahtang "Svet uchodjashevo solntse" 3 42
2 Meladze "Nebesa" 4 36
3 Meladze ft. VIA Gra "Prityazhenʹya bolʹshe net" 1 52
4 Meladze "Poterjan i ne naiden" 2 50

After one day of voting, on the 23rd March 2013, the results of the national selection were published. With a margin of 2 points to the runner-up, the song "Prityazhenʹya bolʹshe net" won and so would participate in the first edition of the North Vision Song Contest.

At Northvision

Meladze VIA GRA

Meladze and VIA GRA performing in Budapest.

At the allocation drawn, Georgia was drawn to perform in the first half of the second semi-final. Georgia performed second in the semi-final.

Meladze could not qualify with Prityazhenʹya bolʹshe net. The song ended up last in the semifinal with 26 points. Additionally Georgia failed to vote in the Grand Final. As consequence, NBU gave the Georgian HoD a strike for non-voting.


Points given and received
Points Given Received
Semi-final Final Semi-final Final
12 Flag of Andorra Andorra Failed to vote Failed to qualify
10 Flag of Italy Italy
8 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
7 Flag of Estonia Estonia Flag of Germany Germany
6 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
5 Flag of Belgium Belgium Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
4 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic Flag of Finland Finland
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia
3 Flag of Germany Germany Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
2 Flag of Portugal Portugal
1 Iceland Iceland Austria Austria
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic