Goga Sekulić
Background information
Birth name Gordana Sekulić
Also known as Goga
Born (1977-02-27) 27 February 1977 (age 41)
Pljevlja, SR Montenegro, Yugoslavia
Genres Turbo-folk
Occupation(s) Singer
Years active 2000–present

Goga Sekulić (Гога Секулић; born 27 February 1977) is a Serbian turbo-folk singer that has released eleven albums since 2000.


Her debut album was released in 2000. Until today, she has released eleven albums.

In 2004, she was on the front cover of the March number of the Serbian Playboy magazine.

The VICE Guide to the Balkans - Part 2, uploaded on Aug 29, 2012, about Turbofolk, followed Goga Sekulić.

Personal life

Sekulić was born in the town of Pljevlja, SR Montenegro, Yugoslavia, to a Montenegrin father and mother from Serbia. She moved to Serbia as a toddler.

She was a friend of the Montenegrin male model, Filip Kapisoda. In March 2010, after Kapisoda murdered his girlfriend Ksenija Pajčin and then committed suicide, Sekulić attended his funeral.

Sekulić married businessman Igor Ramović on 12 May 2013 at the Hajat hotel in Belgrade. Some of the guests at the wedding were fellow musicians Boban Rajović, Olja Karleuša, and Jovana Tipšin. Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović was also supposed to attend, but did not. A few weeks after the wedding, her new husband was diagnosed with cancer. Ramović underwent unsuccessful treatment in Germany, and succumbed to the cancer on 14 July 2013 at the age of 39. Ramović's funeral was on 19 July 2013, with multiple regional-celebrity attendees, including Svetlana Ceca Ražnatović, Maja Marijana, Jovana Tipšin, Marko Bulat, and Dara Bubamara.

One month after her husbands death, her mother-in-law Zorica, changed the locks on the apartment Sekulić had been sharing with Ramović from 21 November 2012 until his death, and kicked her out. Zorica stated that she would sell the apartment and take the money for herself, refusing to pay the medical bills for her sons cancer treatments, leaving Sekulić to pay 50,000 euros of medical costs. Sekulić filed a criminal complaint lawsuit against Zorica.

At the end of August and into September 2013, Sekulić was hospitalized for days with high blood pressure and exhaustion. She received infusions every day in the emergency center.

Big Brother

Goga Sekulić participated on Veliki brat (the Serbian version of Big Brother) in 2007.


  • Ljubavnica (2000), City Records/RTV Pink
  • I lepša i bolja (2001), Best Records/JVP Vertieb
  • Opasno po zivot (2002) Gold Music
  • Po zakonu (2003), Gold Music/JVP
  • Srce na pauzi (2006), City Records/Grand Production/RTV Pink
  • Zlatna koka (2008), City Records/Grand Production/RTV Pink
  • Ja sam probala sve (2011), City Records/Gold Audio Video/RTV Pink
  • Ponovo rođena (2014), City Records/RTV Pink

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