North Vision Song Contest 19
Country Flag of Greece Greece
National selection
Selection process Internal
Selection date(s) May 6,2016
Selected entrant Kaylynn
Selected song "What Do We Get"
Finals performance
Semi-final result Failed to qualify (TBA,TBA points)
Greece in the North Vision Song Contest
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Greece participated in the North Vision Song Contest 19. The Greek entry was selected through an internal selection after five editions,since the last time the country selected internally.

Before Northvision

On March 8, ERT announced that the country planned an internal selection,for their next act,letting no clue about who could be the greek participant.On March 22, rumours were spread with Sofia Manousaki,a crete singer having the duty to wave the greek flag at this edition's contest,after her private meeting with the greek Head of Delegation.On April 7, the rumours were turned out to be wrong,as Manousaki had not recieve any invitation to represent Greece. On April 15, the greek Head of Delegation, announced that the artist would be a woman,while they also made it clear that she is an unknown singer in the music industry.It was also announced that the entrant would be revealed,together with her song, on May 5. Due to some problems the Greek broadcaster had,the date was transferred to the 6th of May. On May 6,the Greek entrant was revealed.

Internal Selection

On May 6, the Greek entrant was selected. It was chosen that Kaylynn would represent Greece with her first single "What Do We Get". During the show,the juries, had to rate the song. Some of them rated her high,some others low.

After the semi final 2 and the results were out, it was revealed that Kaylynn had failed to qualify.