Background information
Origin Szeged / Budapest, Hungary
Genres electro-rock, pop, jazz, alternative
Years active 2005–present
Labels Gold Record Music Kft.
Members Zsófia Tarján
Zoltán Bencsik-Kovács
Árpád Tatár
Tamás Kovács
Tibor Lázár
Zsolt Kővágó
Past members Anett Czutor
Miklós Kiszin
Ani Ritzel
Klára Hodászi

Honeybeast is a Hungarian band that plays pop-rock's electronic music, and which operates under this name from 2011, though the story - and a slightly different configuration, known as - traces back to 2005. His first big success in 2010, the band reached, then the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest selection of actors in Hungary, gained national notoriety.


  • Zsófia Tarján - vocals
  • Zoltán Bencsik-Kovács - guitar
  • Árpád Tatár - guitar
  • Tibor Lázár - bass
  • Tamás Kovács - drums
  • Zsolt Kővágó - keys

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