Flag of Hungary

01 - 14 - M1
15 - 16 Duna TV

17 - TV2
Selection process 01 - Magyar National Festival
02 - SztárVision
03 - Internal
04-08 - A Magyar Dal
09 - Internal
10-15 - A Magyar Dal 17- Magyarország dala
Appearances 18 (10 finals)
Debut NVSC 01
Best result 4th: 01, 06
Worst result 20th in SF: 20
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#25) 28th
Highest ranking 3rd
Lowest ranking 50th

Hungary debuted in the 1st edition of North Vision Song Contest.


Flag of Hungary North Vision Song Contest 1

NVSC 1 logo.jpg
Logo of the edition

Hungary hosted the contest in Budapest Sportcsarnok, in the capital city Budapest. The first semi-final was held on April 23, the second on April 29, and the final on May 3, 2013. All 3 shows were presented by Kati Wolf.

Gigi Radics won the unique edition of Magyar National Festival, with the song Over you.

Hungary, host country, automatically qualified for the final and reached the 4th place, with 136 points.

Flag of Iceland North Vision Song Contest 2

Lola won the unique version of SztárVision, with the song Más lettél. This was the first ever song in Hungarian in North Vision Song Contest.

As Hungary came 4th in the first edition, the country was part of the Big 5 and so qualified automatically for the final, where the Hungarian song came 13th with 105 points.

Flag of Switzerland North Vision Song Contest 3

Laura Cserpes was selected internally, with the song Most kezdődik el.

For the first time, Hungary had to take part in a semi-final. The country failed to qualify, ending 14th with 57 points.

Flag of Sweden North Vision Song Contest 4

With the election of the new channel director of M1, a new selection took place to select the Hungarian entry : A Magyar Dal.

The winner of the first edition is Mónika Hoffman, with the song Hullócsillag.

She failed to qualify for the Grand Final, making the worst score ever for Hungary : 19th, with 35 points.

Flag of Denmark North Vision Song Contest 5

Hungary withdrew from this edition.

M1 quoted financial difficulties caused by the fact that the new head of delegation bet all the money reserved for the 5th edition on the Georgian song in NVSC 4.

Flag of Lebanon North Vision Song Contest 6


Hungary decided to go back to the contest hosting a second time A Magyar Dal.

This edition has been won by Linda Király, with the song Runaway (Beautiful Tragedy).

Hungary qualified for the Grand Final and ended up at a tied 3rd place with 147 points. However, Hungary and Ukraine having the same ammount of points, to decide who was third and who was fourth, the number of countries that voted for each of the two was counted. After the application of this rule, Ukaine won the third place, and Hungary the fourth place, reaching the highest ammount of points ever and the highest rank.

Was also broken the record of the best result in a semi-final for Hungary : a tied 3rd place with 100 points. This record stood until the eighth edition.

Flag of United Kingdom North Vision Song Contest 7


The final of A Magyar Dal 03 was concluded by a tie between Laura Cserpes, with Úgy szállj and András Kállay-Saunders, with Running (121 points).

The Final Clash took place to determine who would represent Hungary. Running, won with 56%f the votes.

The winning entry automaticaly qualified for the final, as Hungary was part of the Big 5 thanks to the 4th place achieved in the former edition.

In the final, Running reached the 18th place, with 101 points.

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina North Vision Song Contest 8


The two songs which had the biggest amount of points in the final of A Magyar Dal 04 were Waterfall by Joni, with 176 points, and Labirintus, by Veca Janicsák, with 118 points. Waterfall won the Final Clash with 59% of the votes.

Hungary participated in the first semi-final and managed to qualify for the Grand Final.

In the first semi-final, Joni managed to be first, with 112 points, which is the best score Hungary got in a semi-final.

In the final, Waterfall reached the 6th place, with 144 points.

Flag of Norway North Vision Song Contest 9


For the second time, Hungary selected internally the singer and the song that participated in NVSC.

The Hungarian representative this edition is the singer Adina. Her song, Insomnia, has been presented at the end of the show "Hungary for love", presented by Éva Novodomszky.

She competed in the Second Semi-Final and qualified for the Grand Final, which is the fourth time in-a-row for Hungary : a record.

Another record, a sad one, was broken by Hungary : the lowest rank in final. Insomnia finished 25th and last, with 47 points, despite a good result in semi-final (3rd place with 89 points).

Flag of Norway North Vision Song Contest 10

Hagylak menni.png

Hungary came back to the national final A Magyar Dal, with a new format in order to celebrate the 10th edition of NVSC.

After the three semi-finals, 18 songs competed in the final of A Magyar Dal 05.

The two songs qualifying for the Final Clash were Hagylak menni, by Renáta Tolvai and Édes élet, by Mónika Veres. Hagylak menni won with 52% of the votes.

Hungary failed to qualify for the Grand Final, finishing at the 11th place with 68 points and 2 points away from the country that finished 10th, Armenia.

Flag of Ukraine North Vision Song Contest 11


Hungary participated in the 11th edition of North Vision Song Contest with A Magyar Dal 06.

The two songs qualifying for the Final Clash were Pilgrim on the road, by Paddy and the Rats and Hétkoznapi Mennyország, by Zséda.

Pilgrim on the road won with 85% of the votes.

Hungary qualified to the Final, after a 9th place with 81 points in semi-final, and managed to reach 12th place, with 128 points.

Flag of Denmark North Vision Song Contest 12

Further information: Hungary in the North Vision Song Contest 12


Hungary confirmed participating this edition, with, as usual, A Magyar Dal 07 taking place to choose the Hungarian representative.

In The Final Clash, Laura Cserpes, with the song Ments meg ha fáj! and Enikő Muri, with Maradj még battled to represent Hungary. Laura Cserpes won by 57% of the votes.

This is the first and only time that a Hungarian artist comes back to represent Hungary.

Unlike in the third edition, Laura Cserpes managed to qualify to the final, finishing 23rd with 70 points. In the semi-final, Hungary came 4th, with 86 points.

Flag of Israel North Vision Song Contest 13


A special edition of A Magyar Dal was held with only songs which did not manage to represent Hungary in a parallel contest : Eurovision.

After two semi-finals and a final, the songs Ne engedj el! by Kati Wolf and Ősz utca, by Gergő Szakács fought in The Final Clash, which was won by Gergő Szakács, with 68% of the votes.

Hungary qualified from the sem-final, ending 6th with 75 points. In the final, Hungary finished 21st with 72 points.

Flag of Kazakhstan North Vision Song Contest 14


A Magyar Dal's first and second place were Honeybeast, with Egyedül, and Ágnes Vanilla, with Ígéret. It's HoneyBeast who won The Final Clash with 52% of the votes.

For the first time since the tenth edition, Hungary failed to qualify for the grand final, ending up 19th of the semi-final, which equals the sad record of worst result that was reached in the fourth edition.

The record of the lowest ammount of points ever in a semi-final, 31 points, was also broken this edition.

North Vision Song Contest 15


From this edition and on, the Hungarian broadcaster is not M1 anymore, but Duna TV.

The new HoD of Hungary, Gábor Butthurtszky, announced after the semi-final results that Hungary would not be attending NVSC anymore, however, after a petition and a personal implication of András Kállay-Saunders and Éva Novodomszky, Butthurtszky changed his mind and let a last chance to Hungary.

Kállay-Saunders Band was internally selected to represent Hungary. Their song was selected through A Magyar Dal 10 : The Final Clash. Victory won with 71% of the votes, against Roses.



Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
     Did not qualify from the pre-qualification round
# Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi
01 Flag of Hungary Budapest Gigi Radics "Over you" 04 136 'Big 3/5' member
02 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik Lola "Más lettél" 13 105
03 Flag of Switzerland Winterthur Laura Cserpes "Most kezdődik el" Did not qualify 14 57
04 Flag of Sweden Gothenburg Mónika Hoffmann "Hullócsillag" 19 35
05 Flag of Denmark Aarhus Did not compete
06 Flag of Lebanon Beirut Linda Király "Runaway (Beautiful tragedy)" 04 147 04 100
07 Flag of United Kingdom Liverpool András Kállay-Saunders "Running" 18 101 'Big 5' member
08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Joni "Waterfall" 06 144 01 112
09 Flag of Norway Oslo Adina "Insomnia" 25 47 03 89
10 Flag of Norway Bergen Reni Tolvai "Hagylak menni" Did not qualify 11 68
11 Flag of Ukraine Lviv Paddy and the Rats "Pilgrim on the road" 12 128 09 81
12 Flag of Denmark Herning Laura Cserpes "Ments meg ha fáj!" 23 70 04 86
13 Flag of Israel Tel-Aviv Gergő Szakács "Ősz utca" 21 72 06 75
14 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Honeybeast "Egyedül" Did not qualify 19 31
15 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen Kállay-Saunders Band "Victory" 14 49
16 Flag of Israel Jerusalem Did not compete
17 Flag of Switzerland Zürich MDC "Fair Play" 23 74 10 68
18 Flag of Belgium Brussels Joni "Reverse the Rain" Did not qualify 20 17
19 Flag of Italy Italy Timi Antal "Elég" 16 88
20 Flag of Albania Tirana Adri Nagy "Hey Hey Baby" 20 33
21 Flag of Czech Republic Prague Reni Tolvai "Látomás" 15 85
22 Flag of Bulgaria Sofia Gabi Tóth & Freddie Shuman feat. Lofti Begi "Hosszú Idők" 05 284 2 204
23 Flag of Sweden Stockholm Tóth Andi "Black and White" 25 64 'Big 5' member
24 Flag of Austria Vienna Andee "Shouldn't" 22 163 9 137
25 Flag of Morocco Casablanca yesyes "Fight" Did not qualify 14 91
26 Flag of Netherlands Rotterdam Heni Dér "Meghalok" 14 109

Voting history

Hungary has given the most points to...
(finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Finland Finland 51
2 Flag of Sweden Sweden 41
3 Flag of Macedonia Macedonia 35
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
4 Flag of Austria Austria 32
5 Flag of France France 31
Flag of Malta Malta

Hungary has given the most points to...
(semi-finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Finland Finland 39
2 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 38
3 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 30
4 Flag of Belarus Belarus 28
Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Latvia Latvia
5 Flag of San Marino San Marino 26

Hungary has received the most points from...
(finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Malta Malta 58
2 Flag of Romania Romania 52
3 Flag of Israel Israel 38
4 Flag of Latvia Latvia 37
5 Flag of San Marino San Marino 36

Hungary has received the most points from...
(semi-finals only)

Rank Country Points
1 Flag of Latvia Latvia 57
2 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina 44
3 Flag of Turkey Turkey 36
4 Flag of Portugal Portugal 30
4 Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic 29

Other contests

OGAN Second Chance Contest

# Host Artist Song AMD Result Points
08 Flag of Sweden OGAN Sweden Lilla Polyák Valami más 3rd 7 67
09 Flag of Norway OGAN Norway Withdrawn
10 Flag of Sweden OGAN Sweden Mónika Veres Édes élet 2nd 16 36
11 Flag of Norway OGAN Norway Veca Janicsák Könnyek az esőben 3rd 22 28
12 Flag of Norway OGAN Norway Enikő Muri Maradj még 2nd 14 51
13 Flag of Armenia OGAN Armenia Timi Antal Woke up this way 5th 10 43
14 Flag of Armenia OGAN Armenia Ágnes Vanilla Ígéret 2nd 6 79
15 Flag of Italy OGAN Italy Withdrawn
16 Flag of United Kingdom OGAN UK Withdrawn
17 Flag of Spain OGAN Spain Mónika Veres Lélegzem 3rd 8 82
18 Flag of Denmark OGAN Denmark Heni Dér Még Még Még 2nd 3 88
19 Flag of Sweden OGAN Sweden Hien Édes kis suttogás 2nd 17 37
20 Flag of Liechtenstein OGAN Liechtenstein Adri Nagy Rohanó Szerelem 2nd 22 14

Junior North Vision Song Contest

# Host city Artist Song Final Points Semi
01 Flag of Estonia Rakvere Anna Patai Nincs határ DNQ 8 67
02 Flag of United Kingdom Cardiff Withdrawn
03 Flag of Finland Mariehamn Cheyenne Malmgren Without crime 6 81 No Semi Finals held
04 Flag of Romania Cluj-Napoca Zsolti Farkas Türelmes srác 13 54
05 Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam Withdrawn
06 Flag of Finland Helsinki
07 Flag of Andorra Andorra la Vella
08 Flag of Ukraine Kiev
09 Flag of Albania Tirana
10 Flag of Sweden Malmö Vivien Varga Körhinta 1 170 1 112

Balkan Music Bash

# Host city Artist Song Rank Points
01 Flag of Bulgaria Varna Dóra Danics Most vagy soha 8 51
02 Flag of Slovenia Ljubjana Nótár Mary Csók Csók Puszi 6 28