In It To Win It 4
Final July 2016
Presenter(s) Fearne Cotton, Emma Willis, Tess Daly & Mel Giedroyc
Broadcaster BBC
Entries TBC
System Jury
In It To Win It
◄ 3 Eurovision Heart 5 ►

In It To Win It 4 is the fourth version of the second formatted National Selection for the United Kingdom.

The contest will take place in Liverpool.

The selection process for artists began in June 2016. Some of the artists announced first had apparently shown interest in the contest for running up to the beginning of the official announcement of the UK's participation in NVSC 20.


he contest will take place in the Echo Arena - Liverpool.

A seating capacity of 8000 is available in the arena but the BBC area working to extend that capacity to 10,000 with floor standing area.


# Artist Song Language
1 Flag of United Kingdom Paige Monroe Call It Love English
2 Flag of United Kingdom M.O Who Do You Think Of? English
3 Flag of United Kingdom Kyla La Grange Hummingbird English
4 Flag of United Kingdom All Saints This Is A War English
5 Flag of United Kingdom Meadowlark Paraffin English
6 Flag of United Kingdom Emmi You Said You Loved Me English
7 Flag of United Kingdom Stooshe Let It Go English
8 Flag of United Kingdom Marina and the Diamonds Savages English
9 Flag of United Kingdom Cher Lloyd Activated English
10 Flag of United Kingdom Lauren Aquilina Kicks English
11 Flag of United Kingdom Dua Lipa Hotter Than Hell English

Foreign Commonwealth Act

Country Artist Song Language
Flag of United States Bean Wildfire English

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