Flag of Ireland
Broadcaster RTÉ
Appearances 19 (15 finals)
Debut NVSC #01
Best result 5th: #03
Worst result 18th in SF: #02
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#21) 50th
Highest ranking 7th
Lowest ranking 50th

Ireland debuted in the 1st edition of North Vision Song Contest and have taken part in every edition since leading them to be the country with the most qualifications to the grand final in the contest (as of NVSC13).

Ireland in the North Vision Song Contest

Northvision Song Contest 9

On the 17th of May 2014, making them one of the first countries to confirm their participation that edition. Despite initial worry RTE would not be able to fund another edition of Made in Ireland, RTÉ later announced that they would in fact hosting Made in Ireland 4, but with a different processes which includes the inclusion of sponsors. The final of the selection was broadcasted on the 1st June, followed by the results being broadcasted on the 8th, where it was reveled that the Danish sponsored act Lesley Roy would represent her country with her song "Thinking Out Loud".

It was decided that Roy would perform in the second half of the second semi final, where she was drawn to perform 12th following Flag of Poland Poland and preceding the Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic. On the 25th of July the qualifiers from the second semi final were announced, revealing that Ireland had failed to qualify and would me missing their first NVSC final since the second edition. Lesley Roy would later go on to say that she was 'disappointed' with the result, but 'happy for those who qualified'. It would later be revealed that Roy placed 17th giving Ireland their second worse place in their history, and worst since they started using national selections.

Northvision Song Contest 10

Ireland was one of the first countries for the North Vision Song Contest 10 and shortly after confirmed they would be hosting another edition of Made in Ireland - the selection they'd used from NVSC6 onwards. The mentors were announced on the 17th of July and the broadcasters were sent the possible entries on the same way. The selection was broadcasted on the 4th August, with results coming on the 16th. On that date, it was announced that Phildel and Sleepthief had won the selection with their song "Dust and Cloud" which was mentored by Flag of Sweden Sweden. Due to the country's low placing they will be at risk of not making into the contest if they fail to get through the PQR. The PQR took place on the 29th of August, with the results revealing that Ireland made it through following on the 30th. Ireland will perform in the first half in the first semi final, where they were announced as the 6th qualifiers, getting them into the final, where Phildel managed to surpass expectations and achieve 18th place with Ireland's highest points since the 7th edition.

Northvision Song Contest 11

Following the 6th edition of Made in Ireland, the winner - Janet Devlin - was drawn to perform 14th in the second semi final, then (following her qualification from the semi) 8th in the final. The high hopes Ireland has for her (due to her top 10 placing in the NVSC11 betting odds was later proved founded as Devlin got Ireland's second highest placing to date finishing in 11th.

Northvision Song Contest 12

RTÉ's new acting head of musical programming, Bethany O'Riorden, made a large cut of NVSC, due to her believing to be not cost effective and "a waste of the broadcasters time". She could not, however, withdraw Ireland from the contest due to things set in motion by her predecessor. This cut resulted in the broadcaster opting for an internal selection for their act, who would later be announced to be up-and-coming band HomeTown. The band proved a massive success in Ireland with their song "Where I Belong" reaching number 1 in the Irish charts, however this popularity was not seen throughout Europe with the band reaching a respectable, but less then hoped for, 17th place.

Northvision Song Contest 13

Following a further edition of Made in Ireland, Walking On Cars managed to win to right to represent Ireland with their alternative rock song "Hand in Hand". The band would prove to keep up tradition reaching 17th place, the same as previous entry "Where I Belong" and "The Silence" also making it the 7th time Ireland had reached a place between 15th and 20th in a North Vision final.

Northvision Song Contest 14

Made in Ireland made a high profile continuation leading the Clare Maguire beat of the Erika Selin by a single point allowing her to once again represent Ireland, although this time with her song "The Shield and the Sword". This is the second time Ireland has had a returning act following Janet Devlin representing the country in the 5th and 11th editions. Clare proved successful achieving the country's most succesful entrant since NVSC3 when the nation achieved 5th and vasltly improved upon her previous result of 20th. This edition also marked the 5th time Ireland have given Denmark 12 in a NVSC final and also the second time their 12 points went onto win.

Northvision Song Contest 15

Despite holding the biggest Irish selection to date, the Irish representative, Young Wonder, became the first Irish act since the 9th edition to miss the grand final, thus breaking a streak of 5 qualifications. Following the grand final, it was announced the band had reached 17th place with their entry 'Enchanted'

Northvision Song Contest 16

Once again the nation held their national selection, Made in Ireland, which got them from the pre-qualification round to 13th place in the final via Markus Feehily and his song 'Love is a Drug'

Contestants and results

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
     Did not qualify from the pre-qualification round
Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Alexandra Burke "The Silence" 17 82 8 77
#02 The Wanted "Walks like Rihanna" Failed to qualify 18 39
#03 Leona Lewis "I See You" 5 137 3 103
#04 Bellefire "Say Something Anyway" 22 72 "Big 5" member
#05 Janet Devlin "Wonderful" 16 113 7 78
#06 Geraldine McQueen "Once Upon A Christmas Song" 25 32 9 79
#07 Clare Maguire "The Last Dance" 20 95 5 74
#08 Ryan Dolan "Start Again" 18 82 6 81
#09 Lesley Roy "Thinking Out Loud" Failed to qualify 17 41
#10 Phildel feat. Sleepthief "Dust and Cloud" 18 89 7 74
#11 Janet Devlin "House of Cards" 11 136 2 105
#12 HomeTown "Where I Belong" 17 89 8 77
#13 Walking On Cars "Hand in Hand" 17 99 8 78
#14 Clare Maguire "The Shield and the Sword" 8 134 3 108
#15 Young Wonder "Enchanted" Failed to qualify 17 35
#16 Markus Feehily "Love Is a Drug" 13 114 6 88
#17 Celtic Woman feat. Oonagh "Tír na nÓg" 10 117 4 95
#18 Shane Filan & Nadine Coyle "I Could Be" Failed to qualify 18 39
#19 Did not compete
#20 Aine Cahill "The Pictures" 19 183 4 167
#21 Did not compete

Results of split voting.


Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#04 Bellefire "Say Something Anyway" 25 23 - -
#05 Janet Devlin "Wonderful" 15 110 06 82
#06 Geraldine McQueen "Once Upon A Christmas Song" 25 36 15 53
#07 Clare Maguire "The Last Dance" 7 126 09 77
#08 Ryan Dolan "Start Again" 15 92 06 83
#09 Lesley Roy "Thinking Out Loud" 09 70
#10 Phildel ft. Sleepthief "Dust and Cloud" 14 99 6 81
#11 Janet Devlin "House of Cards" 9 127 1 111
#12 HomeTown "Where I Belong" 14 106 3 90
#13 Walking on Cars "Hand in Hand" 12 116 10 71
#14 Clare Maguire "The Shield and the Sword" 3 162 5 98
#15 Young Wonder "Enchanted" Failed to qualify 15 46
#16 Markus Feehily "Love is a Drug" 9 136 2 105
#17 Celtic Woman feat. Oonagh "Tír na nÓg" 11 117 4 95


Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#04 Bellefire "Say Something Anyway" 18 39 - -
#05 Janet Devlin "Wonderful" 14 105 05 80
#06 Geraldine McQueen "Once Upon A Christmas Song" 25 43 05 94
#07 Clare Maguire "The Last Dance" 21 88 13 61
#08 Ryan Dolan "Start Again" 20 76 07 74
#09 Lesley Roy "Thinking Out Loud" 18 33
#10 Phildel ft. Sleepthief "Dust and Cloud" 19 80 7 70
#11 Janet Devlin "House of Cards" 13 120 4 100
#12 HomeTown "Where I Belong" 17 81 9 67
##13 Walking on Cars "Hand in Hand" 21 72 6 75
#14 Clare Maguire "The Shield and the Sword" 11 121 3 104
#15 Young Wonder "Enchanted" Failed to qualify 19 28
#16 Markus Feehily "Love is a Drug" 16 100 7 78
#17 Celtic Woman feat. Oonagh "Tír na nÓg" 15 103 6 82

Voting History

Received the most points from...

Rank Country Points  
1 Flag of Finland Finland 100
2 Flag of Poland Poland 85
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom
3 Flag of France France 78
4 Flag of Italy Italy 77
5 Flag of Monaco Monaco 75

Given the most points to (NVSC1 - 14)...

Rank Country Points  
1 Flag of Denmark Denmark 133
2 Flag of Finland Finland 98
3 Flag of Norway Norway 85
4 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 74
5 Flag of Poland Poland 73

North Vision Awards

Ceremony Nominated Award Result
NVSC7 "The Last Dance" Best Dance/R&B Nominated
Best English Song
Best Western Song
NVSC8 Ryan Dolan Best Male Artist Won
"Start Again" Best English Song Nominated
NVSC 10 (Jubilee Awards) "Once Upon a Christmas Song" Funniest Entry Ever
Best Last Place Ever
Ryan Dolan Best Male Performance Ever
"Start Again" Most Emotional Song Ever
"I See You"
NVSC11 "House of Cards" Best English Song
Best Western Song
NVSC12 "Where I Belong" Best Western Song
NVSC13 "Hand in Hand" Best Rock Song Won
NVSC14 "The Shield and the Sword" Best Pop Nominated
Best English Song
Best Western Song

OGAN second chance round

Edn.  Artist  Song  Final  Points 
#08 Little Green Cars "Down to the River" 18 47
#09 O.R.B. "Feel it in your Soul" 13 42
#10 Wonder Villians "Zola" 19 38
#11 Alex Winston "Sister Wife" 14 63
#13 Ellin Fflur "Sgwenna Dy Stori" 9 43
#14 London Rose "Kick Drum"

Chart positions


Song Peak chart positions Album
1 "The Silence" 23 16 Overcome
2 "Walks Like Rihanna 47 37 27 Word of mouth
3 "I See You" 3 15 Avatar
4 "Say Something Anyway" 12 26 Spin the Well
5 "Wonderful" 8 93 15 Hide and Seek
6 "Once Upon A Christmas Song" 35 27 Non - album single
7 "The Last Dance" 7 11 Light After Dark
8 "Start Again" 1 16 2 13 Non-album single
9 "Thinking Out Loud" 12 27 Unbeautiful
10 "Dust and Cloud" 8 55 5 N/A
11 "House of Cards" 2 8 61 2 Running With Scissors
12 "Where I Belong" 1 1 4 HomeTown
13 "Hand in Hand" 5 1 N/A
14 "The Shield and the Sword" 1 36 10 Light After Dark
15 "Enchanted" 10 2 2 Birth
16 "Love is a Drug" 6 1 Fire
17 "Tir na nOg" 3 14 18 5 7 Destiny
18 "I Could Be" 21 Right Here
"—" denotes releases that did not chart or were not released in that country.


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