Background information
Birth name Iris Campo
Origin Spain
Instruments Vocals & Drums
Years active 1997 - Present
Labels Cult Nation

Iris Campo, is a female artist originating from Spain. She currently resides in the Canadian province of Montréal in Quebec. Iris' musical career kicked off in the 90's when she was the drummer for Indica Records and has begun to make her recent début as a soloist.

Life & Career

Feeling 'reborn' after a life threatening surgery for Ulcerative-Colitis, Campo feels great relief from having come out of the operation in good health and enthuses that getting through this trauma was what stimulated her to want to start her career as a soloist.

When Iris met the musical mentor Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, it lead to Iris becoming involved to follow him and gain invaluable advice in to what to expect when starting her career.

Iris was interviewed about her single "I'll Wait for You" and she replied:

"When I wrote I'll Wait For You the lyrics came out fast, like a revelation in a way. It took me 15 mins and they poured out effortlessly. I think, prior to writing this song, I was always trying so hard for it all to make sense, but this one just came out. For me it's about never giving up on what you truly want in life. It's that moment when you realize that you can accomplish anything if you put your heart into, and if you're supposed to be with someone, your paths will surely cross again."

Working alongside with Scott Moffatt Iris' first EP is being produced in Nashville and is anticipating release sometime this year.



2014 - I'll Wait for You

2015 - Follow Me


2015 - TBC