Junior North Vision Song Contest 10
Country Flag of Israel Israel
National selection
Selection process TBA
Selection date(s) July 2015
Finals performance
Final result TBD
Israel in the Junior North Vision Song Contest
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On 10 July 2015, IBA confirmed it's provisional interest in participating in the 10th edition. They also confirmed their interest in holding a national selection for the first time since the sixth edition. However, instead of internally selecting the singer, it would be open to any Israeli artists who want to represent their nation.

Confirmed singers

Though participation is still preliminary and no national selection is confirmed, below are singers who are interested in representing Israel:

Performer Song(s) Notes Link
Daniel Weinrib Listen To Your Heart She was interested in representing Israel last edition, but was not selected
Really Don't Care
Hadar Hemo TBA
Denis Midone Represented Moldova in JESC 2012 (born in Israel)
Selena Gomez Hit The Light Not the familiar Selena

Other singers

For a singer to be eligible to represent Israel in the Junior North Vision Song Contest, they must be related to the country of Israel. This can be possible if the singer(s) currently live there, were born there, or have ancestry from the country. Any singers not from Israel would not be able to represent the country.

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