Junior North Vision Song Contest 9
Country Flag of Israel Israel
National selection
Selection process Internal selection
Selection date(s) June 2015
Selected entrant Adi Bity
Finals performance
Final result TBD
Israel in the Junior North Vision Song Contest
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On 13 June 2015, IBA confirmed that Israel would participate in Junior North Vision Song Contest 9 with details regarding their format. IBA will be internally selecting it's representative, but this edition will have an "opener" format. On the same day, IBA started calling for singers to apply to join an "open" selection where Israeli juries would be judging songs. Below are the artists who are entered in the first round of the internal selection:

Confirmed singers

Due to only receiving a low amount of five bids, no additional rounds were created and Adi Bity was chosen as the Israeli representative for the second time.

Performer Notes
Adi Bity Represented Israel in the 3rd edition and was considered in the 7th edition.
Daniel Weinrib
Einav Kremer
Noy & Hadar
Project Band 2

Other singers

For a singer to be eligible to represent Israel in the Junior North Vision Song Contest, they must be related to the country of Israel. This can be possible if the singer(s) currently live there, were born there, or have ancestry from the country. Any singers not from Israel would not be able to represent the country.

  • Flag of Israel Edi Shukha – The Israeli singer congratulated The Yeshiva Boys Choir for achieving a 12th position, after these unsuccessful 3 editions. He also announced that he has no intentions of coming back ever again, despite watching the show every year.
  • Flag of Israel – Due to the fact that Edi Shukha represented Israel 3 editions in a row, decided to make sure and announce that they would not be making a comeback this edition but perhaps in the 10th edition.