Jessica Muscat (born February 27, 1989) is a Maltese singer, dancer and songwriter. She was discovered on the national Malta television in 2008 during the Malta Song for Europe Festival as one of the sixteen finalist contestants. During this festival Jessica participated with the song, 'Tangled', which was selected from 225 songs entries. During the same time Jessica released her first single 'Sweet Temptation' and reached second place in the Malta Hit Song Festival aired weekly on ONE TV. 'Sweet Temptation' had also two bonus tracks 'Kuragg' and 'Nistennik', were she sold a lot of copies during the year. In March 2008 Jessica auditioned for the series 'Dopo', aired on One TV for the selection of a female singer as to join with the Maltese group 'Sixth Simphony'. Every week Jessica performed different tracks (Tangled, Can't take my eyes off of you, Voice within, Spread your wings,) and was praised by foreign judges namely Joshua Alamu and Paul Powell, with a quote from the later: 'I am still amazed how come a producer have not picked you up as yet'. Jessica placed second in this challenge. Although she was the preferred artist from the band she did not make it to the winner place as she lost with a low percentage from the viewers' verdict, televoting. During the summer of 2008, Jessica auditioned for the Red Touch Phone launch marketing video. After singing the cover song 'Angels' she made it through the final stages and was announced as the chosen female artist. This video made a hit in the Maltese Islands during summer '08 were it boosted Jessica popularity.

She had 2 songs in the Malta Euro Show Box, neither got to Malta Song For Europe 2009.