Junior North Vision Song Contest 4
Venue Polyvalent Hall, Cluj-Napoca
Presenter(s) Alina Eremia
Broadcaster TVR
Opening act Nicole Cherry performing a medley of "Vara Mea" and "Memories".
Interval act Delia and Kaira performing their new single "Pe Aripi De Vant"

Dance performance by Edi Stancu

Entries 24
Debuting Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Ireland Ireland
Flag of Moldova Moldova
Flag of Spain Spain
Flag of Turkey Turkey
Returning Flag of Cyprus Cyprus
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands
Flag of Sweden Sweden
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
Withdrawing Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Latvia Latvia
System Each country and the kids jury awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Flag of Netherlands "Champion"
Junior North Vision Song Contest
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The Junior North Vision Song Contest 4, often referred to as JNVSC 4 was the forth edition of the Junior North Vision Song Contest. It was held in Romania, after the victory of Nicole Cherry in Finland. Twenty-four countries announced their participation in the contest, which is a record.

The Faroe Islands,Georgia, Kazakhstan and Latvia withdrew while Bulgaria, Ireland, Moldova, Spain and Turkey debuted and The Netherlands and Sweden returned after a break.


The Polyvalent Hall in Cluj-Napoca will host the show live. The location has been decided by TVR and the North Broadcasting Union after two applications have been send. The other one came from Bucharest, where the show would have been hosted inside the Bucharest Polyvalent Hall. The reasons of the decision include the modernity of both the hall, which has recently been inaugurated, and the Transylvanian city. The hall it's the biggest of its kind in Romania as it has room for around 10.000 people, and it is also the most modern sports and concert hall in the country. "We will prove Romania is able to host such big events and we hope to host, sooner or later, the big Northvision Song Contest as well, as we have all the possibilities!" - said Emil Boc, the city mayor.

Logo & Slogan

The logo was presented by TVR during a press conference and it represents a glowing blue star. The slogan of the edition was "Light Your Star" and it's a call for all the people to discover their talents and work them out, like singing, composing, painting, dancing, and many others.

Participating countries

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Ireland Ireland Fresh Ré "Young" 18 33
02 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Andrea Iacovidou "Say Something" 20 21
03 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Gabz "Lie There" 05 86
04 Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria Bon-Bon "Break it up" 11 63
05 Flag of Russia Russia Elizaveta Puris "Novy Den" 12 55
06 Flag of Albania Albania Jona Zeneli "Deshirat e Jones" 15 48
07 Flag of Sweden Sweden Nova Miller "Little Miss Perfect" 06 78
08 Flag of Andorra Andorra David Parejo "Gimme" 09 68
09 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Open Kids "Stop People!" 04 119
10 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Deniz Tebrizli "Vurulmuşam o qara göze duzlu şirin söze" 17 34
11 Flag of Hungary Hungary Zsolti Farkas "Türelmes Srác" 13 54
12 Flag of Israel Israel Edi Shukha "Just Give Me A Reason" 24 5
13 Flag of Norway Norway Mathea-Mari "#online" 03 120
14 Flag of Turkey Turkey Sahin Kendirici "Keskin Bicak" 19 24
15 Flag of Greece Greece Marina "The Sound of Silence" 16 38
16 Flag of Slovakia Slovakia Patricia Janeckova "Over The Rainbow" 08 73
17 Flag of Romania Romania Letitia Roman "One Night Only" 14 52
18 Flag of Croatia Croatia TIA "Matematika" 23 10
19 Flag of Spain Spain María Parrado "A Prueba De Ti" 02 135
20 Flag of Germany Germany Saphira "Wings" 21 19
21 Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia Antonia Gigovska "Zosto Ne Mi Kaze" 10 63
22 Flag of Moldova Moldova Soledad Baciu "Time To Say Goodbye" 22 15
23 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Aliyah "Champion" 01 164
24 Flag of Finland Finland Emma Olivia "My Shoes" 07 73

Other nations

  • Flag of Georgia Georgia: The Georgian broadcatser stated that they are unsure about the participation of the country. It has been later reported that the country had withdrawn from the competition.
  • Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan: Kazakhstan confirmed a withdrawal due to lack of public interest and entries.
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco: The broadcaster confirmed that the country won't make a debut although showing interest in the competition.
  • Flag of Portugal Portugal: After RTP initially confirmed, they rejected their participation.
  • Flag of Switzerland Switzerland: Although initially confirming its debut, the country pulled back its decision.