Junior North Vision Song Contest 6
Let's get creative!
Final date 15 February 2015
Venue Helsinki Music Centre, Helsinki
Presenter(s) Anne Kukkohovi
Baba Lybeck
Broadcaster YLE
Entries 22
Debuting Flag of Serbia Serbia
Flag of Slovenia Slovenia
Flag of Switzerland Switzerland
Returning Flag of Denmark Denmark
Flag of Estonia Estonia
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Latvia Latvia
Flag of Russia Russia
Withdrawing Flag of Albania Albania
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Flag of Croatia Croatia
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Flag of Germany Germany
Flag of Greece Greece
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon
System Each country and the kids jury awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Winner Flag of Andorra Andorra
Junior North Vision Song Contest
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The Junior North Vision Song Contest 6, often referred to as JNVSC 6 is the Sixth edition of the Junior North Vision Song Contest. It will be held in the Finland, after the victory of Molly in Netherlands.

Host city and venue

On January 15 it was announced that YLE will host the contest in Helsinki. The venue chosen for the event was the Helsinki Music Centre (Finnish: Helsingin musiikkitalo, Swedish: Musikhuset i Helsingfors), a concert hall and a music center in Töölönlahti, Helsinki. The building is home to Sibelius Academy and two symphony orchestras, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Music Centre is located on a prestigious site between Finlandia Hall and the museum of contemporary art Kiasma, and across the street from the Parliament of Finland. The vineyard-type main concert hall seats 1,704 people. The building contains five smaller rooms for 140–400 listeners. These include a chamber music hall, a chamber opera hall, an organ hall, a 'black box' room for electrically amplified music and a rehearsal hall.

Participating countries

Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Spain Spain David Parejo "The show must go on" 6 78
02 Flag of Belgium Belgium Karolien Goris "I Don't Know" 12 62
03 Flag of Belarus Belarus Vladlen Ivanov "Belye Oblaka" 8 71
04 Flag of Switzerland Switzerland Luca Tarqua "Revolution" 14 56
05 Flag of Romania Romania Betty Blue "Intr-o Secunda" 7 76
06 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Lina Kuduzovič "Zamrznil je čas" 16 47
07 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Samra Đazić "Akademija" 18 40
08 Flag of Israel Israel Edi Shukha "Made in the USA" 22 6
09 Flag of Finland Finland Aino Morko "Päästä mut irti" 11 62
10 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Sarah & Julia "Gold" 3 92
11 Flag of Georgia Georgia Mariam Khunjgurua "Dreamer" 15 49
12 Flag of Norway Norway Mathea-Mari "Ekte venner" 13 61
13 Flag of Moldova Moldova Cleopatra Stratan "Ghita" 5 80
14 Flag of Andorra Andorra Carlos Weinberg "Saber" 1 115
15 Flag of Denmark Denmark Emma Pi "Du ser den anden vej" 19 30
16 Flag of Latvia Latvia Diāna Poluškina "Tev atliek pasmaidīt" 9 65
17 Flag of Serbia Serbia Tijana Milentijević "Mlada, Lepa, Pametna" 10 64
18 Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands Beinir "Kennir tú hesa tíð?" 20 28
19 Flag of Estonia Estonia Mari-Liis Duglas "Good Love" 17 42
20 Flag of Russia Russia Nika Terentyeva "Dazhe bez krylyev" 4 82
21 Flag of Sweden Sweden Julia Kedhammar "Dancing for Gold" 2 115
22 Flag of Morocco Morocco Souhaila & Luciano "In Love" 21 13

Other Nations

  • Flag of Albania Albania - KlanTV Announced their withdrawal without any reason given.
  • Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan - Poor results as well as lack of public interest are the two main reasons behind AzTV's withdrawal. A return hasn't been ruled out.
  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria - BNT states that Bulgaria will withdraw from Junior North Vision due to musicians singing covers being allowed to enter into the contest. BNT believes that this is unfair and just irritating.
  • Flag of Croatia Croatia - A lack of artists, or more or less artists interested has been confirmed as the main reason for the withdrawal. A return hasn't been ruled out.
  • Flag of Germany Germany - ZDF announced their withdrawal due to lack of public interst and there has been no funding for this edition.
  • Flag of Greece Greece - Greece has decided to withdraw for some editions, due to lack of money and lack of children singers.
  • Flag of Hungary Hungary - Has confirmed that they are not interested in joining the 6th edition.