Junior North Vision Song Contest 9
Final date 17 October 2015
Venue Pallati i Kongreseve, Tirana, Albania
Presenter(s) Rona Nishliu
Broadcaster RTSH
Entries 15
Debuting None
Returning Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina
Flag of France France
Flag of Georgia Georgia
Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein
Flag of Romania Romania
Flag of Serbia Serbia
Withdrawing Flag of Belgium Belgium
Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria
Denmark Denmark
Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands
Flag of Macedonia FYR Macedonia
Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Flag of Malta Malta
Flag of Morocco Morocco
Flag of Tunisia Tunisia
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine
System Each country and the kids jury awarded 12, 10, 8-1 points to their 10 favorite songs
Null points None
Winner Flag of Sweden Sweden
Junior North Vision Song Contest
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The Junior North Vision Song Contest 9, often referred to as JNVSC 9 was the ninth edition of the Junior North Vision Song Contest. It was held in Tirana, Albania following their victory in the eighth edition. Sweden won the contest for the first time with Nova Miller singing "Supernova".


Tirana is the capital and largest city of Albania. Tirana became Albania’s capital city in 1920. The population of the city proper at the 2015 census was 610,070 and the municipality of Tirana, created in 2015, has a total population of 800,986 (2015 census). The city is host to many public institutions and public and private universities, and is the centre of the political, economic, and cultural life of the country.


The Palace of Congresses (Albanian: Pallati i Kongreseve) is a building in Tirana, Albania, where the Festivali i Këngës is annually held. It was built during the late communist era to host the Congresses of Albanian Labour Party and other main activities.

Participating countries

A total of fifteen countries participated with Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Georgia, Liechtenstein, Romania and Serbia returning to the contest. Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Faroe Islands, FYR Macedonia, Kazakhstan, Malta, Morocco, Tunisia and Ukraine announced their withdrawal after participating in the last edition.


Draw Country Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Laura van Kaam "Running with the Clouds" 4 80
02 Flag of France France Carla "Eblouie par la nuit" 11 36
03 Flag of Norway Norway Lila "The Day You'll Find Me" 3 99
04 Flag of Poland Poland Eliza Kania "Zakręciłam" 10 53
05 Flag of Georgia Georgia Linda "Me Minda Mze" 9 55
06 Flag of Slovenia Slovenia Larisa Sreš "Pelji me v Kino" 12 34
07 Flag of Sweden Sweden Nova Miller "Supernova" 1 124
08 Flag of Romania Romania Omar "Beautiful Life" 7 64
09 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia-Herzegovina Ana Jovancic "Moj Svijet Muzike" 14 14
10 Flag of Albania Albania (host) Doruntina Kurteshi "Tina Balerina" 15 7
11 Flag of Russia Russia Dayana Kirillova "Who Lights Stars" 13 32
12 Flag of Israel Israel Adi Bity "Gavoa" 6 72
13 Flag of Serbia Serbia Marija Serdar "Jutro" 8 63
14 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Michèle "Know My Name" 5 75
15 Flag of Andorra Andorra Eva Ruiz "Que Has Hecho con mi Vida" 2 120

12 points

No. Contestant Nation(s) giving 12 points
5 Flag of Sweden Sweden Andorra, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Kids Jury
3 Flag of Romania Romania Russia, Slovenia, Sweden
2 Flag of Andorra Andorra Albania, Romania
Flag of Norway Norway Israel, Serbia
Flag of Israel Israel Bosnia and Herzegovina, Liechtenstein
1 Flag of Liechtenstein Liechtenstein Georgia
Flag of Serbia Serbia France

Other countries

  • Flag of Bulgaria Bulgaria: BNT has decided not to compete this edition citing financial burdens of NVSC 15 as their reason.
  • Flag of Faroe Islands Faroe Islands: KVF confirmed that they are no longer interested to attend the show and have slight financial difficulties to continue their participation.
  • Flag of Germany Germany: NDR is currently in talks to an artist that might represent the country, which would mean a return is possible.
  • Flag of Ireland Ireland: RTÉ withdrew in the previous edition to have more time to find young singers, but stated that a return is possible.
  • Flag of Lebanon Lebanon: LBC Europe revealed they have no plans to return to the Junior North Vision Song Contest 9, a possible for the near future hasn't been ruled out.
  • Flag of Morocco Morocco: SNRT announced the withdrawal due to bad results. A return in the future is not ruled out.
  • Flag of Tunisia Tunisia: Nessma withdrew from the contest due to lack of interest, and bad viewer rate. No interest has been shown for a return in the future.

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