Origin Switzerland
Years active 2008–present
Members Kadebostan (samples)
Amina (vocals)
Jaafar Aggiouri (saxophone)
Leonard Jerome (guitar, bass)
Ross Butcher (Trombone)

Kadebostany is a band from the Swiss town of Geneva, founded in 2008. According to their own sources they originate in the small European republic of 'Kadebostan'. Their 2013 album 'Pop Collection' brought them the breakthrough in Switzerland and a triple nomination for the Swiss Music Award - the only band to achieve so this year.


Date Country Venue City
December 12, 2014 TURKEY Beyoglu Hayal Kahvesi ISTANBUL
December 13, 2014 TURKEY Beyoglu Hayal Kahvesi ISTANBUL
December 17, 2014 SWITZERLAND Komplex Klub ZÜRICH
December 18, 2014 GREECE PassPort PIRAEUS
December 19, 2014 GREECE PassPort PIRAEUS
December 20, 2014 GREECE Block 33 THESSALONIKI
December 21, 2014 GREECE Lithografion Theatre PATRAS
December 28, 2014 GERMANY Centralstation DARMSTADT
January 31, 2015 FRANCE Le Moloco AUDINCOURT
February 19, 2015 CANADA Métropolis MONTREAL
February 26, 2015 SLOVAKIA Nu Spirit Club BRATISLAVA
February 27, 2015 CZECH REPUBLIC Palac Akropolis PRAHA
February 28, 2015 AUSTRIA Chaya Fuera VIENNA
March 20, 2015 FRANCE La Vapeur DIJON
July 31, 2015 SWITZERLAND Estivale VESIN



  • Songs From Kadebostany (2011)
  • Pop Collection (2013)


  • Crazy in Love (2013)
  • Castle in the Snow (2014)
  • Walking with a Ghost (2013)
  • Jolan (2013)
  • Palabras (2014)

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