North Vision Song Contest 19
Country Flag of Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
National selection
Selection process Äwenfestïvali 19
Selection date(s) 21 May 2016
Selected entrant Sasha Holiday
Selected song Chameleon
Finals performance
Kazakhstan in the North Vision Song Contest
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Kazakhstan participated in the North Vision Song Contest 19. Their entry was selected through Äwenfestïvali 19, a national selection that consisted of a single final, organised by the national broadcaster, NTK.

Äwenfestïvali 19

The Kazakh confirmation was announced on 13 March 2016, with Äwenfestïvali 19 confirmed immediately. Originally the selection was supposed to take place like last edition, with two semi-finals and a second chance round, but it was later changed to a single final due to timing concerns.

Grand Final

The final of Äwenfestïvali 19 took place on 21 May 2016 at the Astana Arena in Astana, and was hosted by Diana Snegina.

Draw Artist Song Points Place
01 Katrin Bokhan "Pro leto Almaty" 133 7
02 Asyl & Ardak Balazhanova "Alemdi suyu" 187 5
03 Aysa feat. Mustang "Zhuregim" 88 10
04 Domino "Feeriya" 221 3
05 Syuzanna Fakhr "Zabudesh" 128 8
06 Sasha Holiday "Chameleon" 320 1
07 Ninety One "Ayptama" 200 4
08 Xenia & Marks "Qasyma kelshi" 147 6
09 Christina Sofina feat. Lowecase_b "Dangerous" 92 9
10 Kairat Baekenov & Format "An alemi" 224 2

At North Vision

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