Origin Kazakhstan
Years active 2006 - present
Label Esentai Production
Members Balzhan Bidash
Nazym Abildina
Elizat Berikova
Sara Amangeldi
Past members Moldir Auelbekova
Zhanar Dugalova
Aidana Medenova
Kamshat Zholdybayeva
Zhuldyz Omirgali
Akbota Nur

KeshYou, stylized as KeshYOU (cyrillic КешYOU) is a popular Kazakh girl group, formed in 2006. During it's period, the members have changed, the current 4 members are Balzhan Bidash, Nazym Abildina, Elizat Berikova, Sara Amangeldi. KeshYOU participated for Kazakhstan in North Vision Song Contest 7 and were the spokesperson for North Vision Song Contest 5.

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