Klara Vytisková, most known as Klara.. It stands among the most talented and most respected singers in the Czech club scene. Toxique worked in the band, but in recent years known to us mainly as a soloist. In 2013 he released the single "Country Girl" and Survival. The first grew out of cooperation with producers of Slovak LittleBeat study, which cooperates with Celeste Buckingham or Majk Spirit, and it hosted an American rapper Ambryzy. The recording sparked interest in the project, especially the clarinet in the media sphere. The second single, "Survival" has also supported radio and the song got played into the fifties, the Czech-Slovak was even a tenth. YouTube has collected nearly 350,000 views.

Last fall, Klara gave birth to a daughter, Emilie. Joyous event delayed the preparation of the album, but also had an impact on Klara's creation. New Home is on the family and respect for her. "It's great to have people around you, to which you can return," says the singer. "Perhaps someone thinks that being at home is not exactly cool. But for me the family, friends and posezní at a large dinner with people that you like, damn cool! "Family aspect of the song is underlined by the participation of Sister Teresa, who comes from thirteen pseudonym Edna Green by musical public knows from performing projects Never Sol, Bohemia and Mazda Audio. The production of the songs took care experienced Luke Chromek. The whole album is scheduled for November 2015.

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