Konkurrenca Këngë 2
Konkurrenca Këngë -2
Venue Palace of Congresses, Tirana, Albania
Presenter(s) Alban Skenderaj
Broadcaster RTSH
Entries 8
System 100% international jury
Winner Flag of Albania "A do si kjo"
Konkurrenca Këngë
◄ 1 Eurovision Heart 3 ►

Konkurrenca Këngë 2 is the second edition of the Albanian music competition that selects Albania's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 19. The selection will have a final consisting of eight songs.

Entrants and Results

# Artist Song Place Points
01 Flaka Krelani "Sj'e për mu" 3 213
02 Klajdi Haruni "Vallja e veres" 8 110
03 Megi Laska "Your Love" 2 221
04 Anxhela Peristeri "Si po jetoj" 4 198
05 Xhoi Bejko & Visar Rexhepi "Adi Hasret" 7 135
06 Sinan Hoxa "Bomba" 6 136
07 Ronela Hajati "A do si kjo" 1 227
08 Alberie Hadergjonaj "Asnjehere" 5 190

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