Latifa Soyuoz
Latifa Soyuoz
Latifa Soyuoz
Birth name Latifa Soyuöz
Born November 26, 1988
Baku, Azerbaijan
Occupation Singer
Instruments Piano
Years active 2006 - present
Website Official Facebook

Latifa Soyuoz (born 1988, Baku, Azerbaijan) is an Azerbaijani singer.


Latifa Soyuoz was born in the city of Baku on the 26th November 1988. In 1995, she joined the Bul-Bul School of Music due to her love of music. It was where she learnt how to play the piano and where she first discovered her original and unusual style. Once she graduated from the Bul-Bul School of Music, she joined the Azerbaijan State Academy of Music where at the age of 16, she received some recognition for her original vocals. Since 2006, she has been focusing on her music career; her main genres being pop, rock and opera.

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