This is the usual national selection of Latvia for Northvision Song Contest, though the setups and rules were changing and changing through the time, by the time it reached the 9th edition, the selection had 3 semi-finals

Basic Rules

Most importantly the songs must have a video clip, but in the newest edition, there are 3 songs without it.

Otherwise artists must be Latvians. Foreign acts only allowed if they are in a duet like Boyza and Jana Kask (who is from Estonia).


All Latvian North Vision representatives have been chosen in the selection, except Anmary in the 1st edition, as they selected her internally, but did a small online poll which song should represent the country which is in some forms proved to be a National Selection. Also in the 2nd edition, the winning song "Virves Dejotājs" was discovered to be a cover, and it had to be changed....

Edition Artist Song Translation Position in North Vision
#01 Liene Greifāne "Higher and Higher" 25th
#021 Samanta Tīna "For Father" 39th
#03 Rassell & Samanta Tīna "Esi man klāt" "Be with me" 36th
#04 Antra Stafecka "Maldugunis dzēšot" "Fighting against fen fires" 43th
#05 Dianna Pashko feat.AiWiNK "Now or Never" 08th
#06 Samanta Tīna "Stay" 27th
#07 Katrine Lukins "You Are the Reason" 13th
#08 NIKO "Climb The Sky" 28th
#09 Aminata Savadogo "Leave my love Bleeding" 38th

1 The song has not been chosen through Latvijas Dziesma Festival 02.

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