Latvijas Dziesma Festival 01
Presenter(s) Lauris Reiniks
Broadcaster LTV
Entries 10

Latvia votes by Jury and Televotes, and the other nations are called

to show their votes.
Winner LieneCandy
"Higher and Higher"
Latvijas Dziesma Festival
Eurovision Heart 02 ►


Latvia decided to host a normal national selection for the second edition of Northvision Song Contest. There were only 10 songs participating and the top 3 entered a Super Final where they performed their song again and the winning song was decided by a poll.

Songs participating

Draw Artist Song
1 PeR "Sad Trumpet"
2 Marta Ritova "I am who I am"
3 Headline "Love"
4 Sabīne Berezina "Upside down"
6 Samanta Tīna "I need a Hero"
7 Liene Greifāne "Higher and Higher"
8 Olly Mours "Troublemaker"
9 Nikolajs Puzikovs "Mīlestības nevar būt par daudz"
10 The 4 "Get it Started"

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