Latvijas Dziesma Festival 03
Presenter(s) Niko
Broadcaster LTV
Entries 10

Latvia votes by Jury and Televotes, and the other nations are called

to show their votes.
Winner Rassell & Samanta Tīna - "Esi man klāt"
Latvijas Dziesma Festival
◄ 02 Eurovision Heart 04 ►

Latvia held their national selection for the third time and they could choose from 10 songs which were mostly duets to represent the country


Red means elimination during the Quarter Final

Pink means elimination during the Semi Final

Draw Artist Song Place Points
01 Dvīnes ft. Marats "Green Light(Coyote Fly)" 02 66
02 Samanta Tīna ft. Davids Kalandija "I want you back " 10 33
03 MiamiRockers & Liene Greifāne "We own the night" 04 63
04 Miks Dukurs ft. Katy Tindemark "Never let you down" 03 65
05 Rassell & Samanta Tīna "Esi man klāt 01 68
06 Ella and Tito Torres "Sunrise" 07 44
07 Rassell ft. Sabīne Berezina "Viss bumbās" 05 61
08 Davids Kalandija and Dinara "Fool in Love" 09 37
09 Kasers "Mazliet Bail" 08 40
10 Ella, Liene Greifāne & Anmary "In Love We Trust" 06 61

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