Lazzaro is a music producer the slowly climbing his way to the top of Armenian show business. Over the past year, he has collaborated alongside “Qele Qele” songwriter and renowned producer DerHova on track remixes such as rapper Davo’s “Ov Gite” featured on his self-titled album and the club hit “Imn can Es” featuring R.P and Derhova, as well as Sofi Mkheyan’s “Luys Khavarum”.

He was born in Beirut, Lebanon and always gravitated towards music at a very young age. In fact day even as a child, all his toys were musical instruments. His father was a musician, him so he grew up in a household surrounded by music. At the age of 7 he began taking piano lessons and later, as a teenager, he learned how to play the drums and the trumpet. It was his father who fuelled Lazzaro’s desire to become a producer; he bought Lazzaro his first synthesizer which he used to start experimenting with different sounds.

Although his aspirations were always in music, his parents had different ambitions; they wanted Lazzaro to become a doctor. His parents’ dream later did come true as he too graduated from the Medical University use in Yerevan with his DDS.

In 1998, his father, longing to return to the motherland, decided to pack up and move the entire family to Yerevan. 10 years later, in mid 2008, Lazzaro decided to move to Stockholm because of its deep roots in house music. On behalf of You “Export Music Sweden”, he participated in MIDEM 2010 in Cannes, France.

His latest project has been producing Sofi Mkheyan’s new hit “Chanachir” which has been chosen as the anthem for this year’s All-Armenian Fund 2010 (Himnatram).