Lebanese Song Festival 02

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Lebanese Song Festival 02
Final TBD November
Venue Camille Chamoun Stadium
Beirut, Lebanon
Presenter(s) Rima Fakih
Nawal Al Zoghbi
Broadcaster LBC Europe
Entries 16
System 50% Jury, 50% SMS and telephone voting in the semi's and final.
Winner TBA
Lebanese Song Festival
◄ 01 Eurovision Heart 03 ►

Lebanese Song Festival 02 was the second edition of the Lebanese music competition that selected Lebanon's entry for the North Vision Song Contest 6.


# Artist(s) Song Place Result
1 Myriam Fares "Eih Elly Byehsal" 4 144
2 Kristina Maria "FML x2" 3 144
3 Brigit Yaghi "Alby W Omry" 1 163
4 Myriam Fares "Mosh Ananeya" 2 149
5 Kristina Maria "Bang U Up" 6 124
6 Brigitte Yaghi "Homma Yomein" 5 140

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