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Lebanon's Voice 12
Lebanon's Voice 12
Final 17th-TBD December 2014
Venue Arena Vinvoci
Beirut, Lebanon
Presenter(s) TBD
Broadcaster LBC Europe
Télé Liban
Entries 11
System 100% Jury
Winner "Risk It All" by Helley Luv
Lebanon's Voice
Eurovision Heart 14 ►


All of the songs were announced December 12-13th.

# Artist(s) Song Channel Place Result
1 Carole Samaha "Ehssas" OTV 07 89
2 Nourhanne "Beirut Never Sleeps (Khodny)" LBC Europe 11 67
3 Mory Hatem "Chou endik Layli?" MBC 09 72
4 Nancy Ajram "Yalla" LBC Europe 03 111
5 Helley Luv "Risk It All" Foreign Act 01 133
6 Nadina "Sabotage" LBC Europe 02 124
7 Melissa "NaNaNa" MBC 04 108
8 Nicole Saba "Kont F Haly" Télé Liban 10 70
9 Aline Lahoud "Habbouk Eiouny" OTV 05 97
10 Naya "Men Eidy" LBC Europe 08 80
11 Massari "Habibi (Brand New Day)" Télé Liban 06 93

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