Lebanon's Voice 14
Lebanon's Voice Logo
Final 4th-9th of May
Venue Arena Vinvoci
Beirut, Lebanon
Presenter(s) Nancy Ajram
Haifa Wehbe
Broadcaster LBC Europe
Télé Liban
Entries 10
System 100% Jury
Winner "Nifsi Aoulhalak" by Myriam Fares
Lebanon's Voice
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All of the songs were announced December 12-13th.

# Artist(s) Song Channel Place Result
1 Jad Shwery & Bosy "Agaza" LBC Europe 7 88
2 Maya Nehme "Aam Fakker" MBC 3 137
3 Hamaki "Nefsi Aba'a Ganbo" Foreign Act (Egypt) 9 82
4 Saad Ramadan "Yali Mdawabni" OTV 10 73
5 Myriam Fares "Nifsi Aoulhalak" LBC Europe 1 199
6 Ralda "Yalla Yalla" Télé Liban 5 106
7 Dona Maria "No Quiero" MBC 8 82
8 Jana "Bint Gdida" LBC Europe 2 173
9 Yara "Ma Baaref" Télé Liban 4 119
10 Joseph Attieh "Hobb W Mkattar" OTV 6 110

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