The article lists all the artists that participated at least once in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, the national selection of Denmark. A total of 140 artists have competed throughout the eighteen editions of the selection. Stine Bramsen and Anna David are currently the artists with the most participations, having participated a total of four times; Bramsen participated in the first, seventhtenth and fourteenth editions while David participated in the fourth, ninth, twelfth and fifteenth editions. Aura Dione, Nabiha and Sada Vidoo are the only artists that have managed to win the selection twice.

Table key
     Winner – the artist won that edition.
     Runner-up – the artist finished second that edition.
     Third place – the artist finished third that edition
     Remaining places – the artist placed from fourth to second last in the final of that edition.
     Last place – the artist finished last in the final of that edition.
     Semi-final elimination – the artist failed to qualify to the final of the edition.
     Quarter-final elimination – the artist failed to qualify to the semi-finals of the edition.
     Foreign act – the artist competed as a foreign act.
     No participation – the artist did not compete in the edition.
Italic indicates that the singer participated as part of a group or in collaboration with another artist.
Artist Editions Total
#01 #02 #03 #04 #05 #06 #07 #08 #09 #10 #11 #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 #17 #18
Adam Daniel X 1
Agnes Obel X X 2
Amaranthe X 1
Amina X 1
Anna Bell X 1
Anna David X X X X 4
Anne Gadegaard X 1
Anya X 1
Aqua X 1
Astrid X 1
Aura Dione X X X 3
Aya/The Kat X X 2
Barbara Moleko X 1
Flag of Germany Beyond the Black X 1
Bim X 1
Björnskov X 1
Blondage X 1
Bryan Rice X X 2
Burhan G X 1
Camille Jones X X 2
Caroline Castell X 1
Carpark North X X X 3
Cecilie Fleur X 1
Celina Ree X 1
Chachi X 1
Christopher X X 2
Cinnamon Girl/Invader Girl X X 2
Cisilia X 1
Clara Sofie X 1
Clemens X 1
ColorKaleido X 1
Cryoshell X X 2
De Dødelige X 1
Dean Thompson X 1
Dúné X 1
Electric Lady Lab X 1
Flag of Sweden Em X 1
Emilie Esther X 1
Emma X 1
Emmelie de Forest X X 2
Ena X 1
Ericka Jane X 1
Fallulah X X X 3
Fjer X 1
Forever Still X 1
Freja X 1
Freja Kirk X 1
Freya X 1
Hampenberg & Alexander X 1
Hannah Schneider X 1
Flag of Sweden Icona Pop X 1
Ida Corr X X 2
Infernal/Paw&Lina X X 2
Ivarsson, Bang & Neumann X 1
Jasmin X 1
Flag of China Jeno Liu X 1
Johan Olsen X 1
Joey Moe X X 2
Juanna X X 2
Julie Berthelsen X 1
Julie Bjerre X X 2
Juni X 1
Kadie Elder X 1
Karen X 1
Kasper Nyemann X 1
Kat Stephie[1] X X X 3
Katie Keller X 1
Kato X 1
Kesi X 1
Kongsted X 1
L.I.G.A X X X 3
Laust Sonne X 1
Liia X 1
Lisa Rowe X 1
Louise Dubiel X 1
Mads Langer X X 2
Malene Q[2] X X X 3
Marijana X 1
Medina X X 2
Michael Rune X 1
Micky Skeel X 1
X X X 3
Nabiha X X X 3
Nadia Gattas X X 2
Nadia Malm X 1
Nastasia X 1
Natascha Bessez X 1
Natasha Thomas X 1
Nayah X 1
Nik & Jay X 1
Noah X X 2
Noréll X 1
Off Bloom X 1
Oh Land X X X 3
Page Four X X 2
Panamah X 1
Pauline X 1
Puls X X 2
Quadron X 1
Rasmus Skøtt X 1
Rasmus Thude X X 2
Rasmus Walter X 1
Rikke Skytte X 1
Sada Vidoo X X 2
Saint Cava X 1
Flag of Norway Sandra Lyng X 1
Sarah X 1
Flag of Canada Sarah Blackwood X 1
Saseline X 1
Sebastian Lind X 1
Flag of Norway Served X 1
Shaka Loveless X 1
Silje Svea X 1
Flag of Sweden Sirena X 1
Shontelle X 1
Flag of United Kingdom Snakehips X 1
Sophia Nohr X 1
Stilettos X 1
Stine Bramsen X X X X 4
Sukkerchok X X 2
Svenstrup & Vendelboe X 1
Szhirley X 1
The Asteroids Galaxy Tour X 1
The Fireflies X 1
The Savage Rose X 1
The Storm X 1
Tim Schou X 1
Thomas Holm X 1
Tina Dico X X 2
Tine X 1
Veronica Jensen X 1
Volbeat X X 2
World of Girls X 1
Xander X X 2
Áli X 1


  1. ^ Malene Q and Kat Stephie participated as part of Sukkerchok in the first and fifth editions.

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