This list includes those who have acted as presenters of the Junior North Vision Song Contest. Since the second edition the host broadcaster appointed one or more people as the presenters of the edition. Most of the editions featured one or two presenters; however, the seventh edition was the first to have no hosts since the introduction of them in the second edition.


Edn. Presenter(s) Edn. Presenter(s)
#01 Flag of Estonia Anu Välba #08 Flag of Ukraine Zlata Ognevich
#02 Flag of United Kingdom Florence Welsh #09 Flag of Albania Rona Nishliu
#03 Flag of Finland Jippu and Samuli Edelmann #10
#04 Flag of Romania Alina Eremia #11
#05 Flag of Netherlands Gwen van Poorten #12
#06 Flag of Finland Anne Kukkohovi and Baba Lybeck #13
#07 Flag of Andorra Gisela #14

Presenters born outside of the host country

Sometimes, presenters selected by the host broadcaster are not born in the host country but in another one and are selected either because they work there or because they have origins from the country. Those are listed below in alphabetical order.

Presenters who competed in the contest

Sometimes, presenters competed in the contest, either before or after the edition they hosted. The presenters who also competed in the contest are listed below in alphabetical order.

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