Seven songs have won the Junior North Vision Song Contest, a competition organized by members of the North Broadcasting Union. The contest has been held once in about one or two months since its debut in July 2013. The contest's winner has been determined using a basic voting method; awarding points to countries by juries and/or televoters. The country awarded the most points is declared the winner.


Edn Country Performer Song Points Margin Runner-up Host city
#01 Flag of United Kingdom UK Gabz "Lighters" 212 24 Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Estonia Rakvere
#02 Flag of Finland Finland Jenni Jaakkola "Tämä On Unta" 116 16 Flag of Armenia Armenia Flag of United Kingdom Cardiff
#03 Flag of Romania Romania Nicole Cherry "Vara Mea" 120 6 Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Finland Mariehamn
#04 Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Aliyah "Champion" 164 29 Flag of Spain Spain Flag of Romania Cluj-Napoca
#05 Flag of Finland Finland Molly "If I Ever Grow Up" 155 8 Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Netherlands Amsterdam
#06 Flag of Andorra Andorra Carlos Weinberg "Saber" 115 0 Flag of Sweden Sweden Flag of Finland Helsinki
#07 Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Anna Trincher "Nebo znaye" 170 47 Flag of Norway Norway Flag of Andorra Andorra la Vella
#08 Flag of Albania Albania Kanita Suma "Young and Reckless" 145 22 Flag of Belgium Belgium Flag of Ukraine Kiev
#09 Flag of Sweden Sweden Nova Miller "Supernova" 124 4 Flag of Andorra Andorra Flag of Albania Tirana
#10 Flag of Hungary Hungary Varga Vivien "Körhinta" 170 2 Flag of Israel Israel Flag of Sweden Malmö

By country

Wins Country Editions
2 Flag of Finland Finland #02#05
1 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom #01
Flag of Romania Romania #03
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands #04
Flag of Andorra Andorra #06
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine #07
Flag of Albania Albania #08
Flag of Sweden Sweden #09
Flag of Hungary Hungary #10

By language

Wins Language Editions
4 English #01, #05, #08, #09
1 Finnish #02
Romanian #03
Dutch #04
Spanish #06
Ukrainian #07
Hungarian #10

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