Tone and Markus

Tone Damli and Markus Foss (#10)

This list includes those who have acted as presenters of the North Vision Song Contest. Since the first edition the host broadcaster appointed one or more people as the presenters of the edition. Most of the editions featured one or two presenters; however, the seventh edition was the first and only edition to have five different hosts.


Edn. Presenter(s) Edn. Presenter(s)
#01 Flag of Hungary Kati Wolf #13 Flag of Israel Mei Finegold
#02 Flag of Iceland Páll Óskar #14 Flag of Kazakhstan Zhanar Dugalova
#03 Flag of Switzerland Tanja Bachmann #15 Flag of Denmark Louise Wolff and Ulla Essendrop
#04 Flag of Sweden Eric Saade and Petra Mede #16 Flag of Israel Bar Refaeli, Ivri Lider and Johnny Goldstein
#05 Flag of Denmark Bryan Rice and Signe Molde #17 Flag of Switzerland Susanne Wille, Monika Fasnacht and Amanda Ammann
#06 Flag of Lebanon Nadine Hani, Rita Hayek and Malek Maktabi #18 Flag of Belgium An Lemmens and Maureen Louys
#07 Flag of United Kingdom Holly Willoughby (Semi-final 1)
Flag of United Kingdom Emma Willis (Semi-final 2)
Flag of United Kingdom Fearne Cotton (Final)
Flag of United Kingdom Chlöe Howl and Graham Norton (Final Results)
#19 Flag of Italy Alessio Bernabei, Federico Russo and Sabrina Impacciatore
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Maya Sar, Vukašin Brajić and Marija Šestić #20 Flag of Albania Alban Skënderaj, Alketa Vejsiu and Eneda Tarifa
#09 Flag of Norway Nadia Hasnaoui, Erik Solbakken and Haddy N'jie #21 Flag of Czech Republic Olga Lounová
#10 Flag of Norway Tone Damli and Markus Foss #22 Flag of Bulgaria Poli Genova
#11 Flag of Ukraine Zlata Ognevich #23 Flag of Sweden Petra Mede and David Lindgren
#12 Flag of Denmark Lise Rønne and Casper Christensen #24 Flag of Austria Ramona Rotstich and Kati Bellowitsch

Presenters born outside of the host country

Some of the presenters selected by the host broadcaster were not born in the host country but in another one and were selected either because they work there or because they have origins from the country. Those are listed below in alphabetical order.

Presenters who competed in the contest

Some of the presenters also competed in the contest, either before or after the edition they hosted. The presenters who also competed in the contest are listed below in alphabetical order.

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