This page is a list of cities and venues that have hosted the Junior North Vision Song Contest, one or more times. Future venues are shown in italics. Since the first edition, the host city has customarily been in the winner country of the previous year.

To date, there is no city to have hosted the contest more than once. However, Finland has hosted the contest twice, being the first hosting it two times.


Contests Country City Venue Editions
2 Flag of Finland Finland Mariehamn Wiklöf Holding Arena #03
Helsinki Helsinki Music Centre #06
Flag of Estonia Estonia Rakvere N/A #01
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Cardiff #02
Flag of Romania Romania Cluj-Napoca Polyvalent Hall #04
Flag of Netherlands Netherlands Amsterdam Amsterdam Arena #05
Flag of Andorra Andorra Andorra la Vella Poliesportiu d'Andorra #07
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine Kiev Palace Ukraina #08
Flag of Albania Albania Tirana Pallati i Kongreseve #09
Flag of Sweden Sweden #10

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