Background information
Birth name Loredana Ciobotaru
Born Tulcea, Romania
Origin Bucharest, Romania
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Associated acts Global Records

Lori (full name Loredana Ciobotaru), aged 24, manages to impress with his voice, overflowing energy and naturalness. She won several awards at various festivals of light music, all with an important contribution to musical and theatrical experience, but one that most achievements earned by making it to enter the public attention, was her participation in 2013 the second edition of the show "The Voice of Romania".


Born into a modest family with 2 children, in the town at the gates of the Danube Delta, Tulcea, Lori was a little energetic child. From the age of 6-7 years, she wrote the lyrics and composed songs and sang them children. The first encounter with music was in 4th grade, secondary school completion celebrations when in front of the class sang a song, and at the end of the celebration, the teacher told her mother to direct her to a music school because she has talent.

From the words of her mother, no one sang or not expressed in one way or another the desire to make music. Love for music truly discovered when she first saw the musical starring Johnny Depp in "Cry, baby, cry". She was impressed as dancing, such amount as then, all day only started doing this, shouted into the microphone (spray), dance, listen to music with ear glued to the TV speaker to jump in bed, to perform also in the neighborhood, always telling her mother that she'll do when I become great, as they shouted all people to her music.

When she grew a little bigger, grandmother entered her in the singing school, where she studied for 3 years. How long it was this school participated in competitions gender, light music festivals, where she won several awards. In the summer after high school to enter, she received an offer to sing in a band in town, which accepted it and who sang throughout high school, so starting to earn money first 16 years of music singing in this band.

After high school, also in that year, participation in Mamaia Festival earned 1st place, special prize for best performance and a contract with the label "Cat Music". Immediately after Mamaia festival moves to Bucharest, enter the faculty of "Marketing and Business Imternationale" ASE begins diverse collaborations in the field, part of the band "LifeOnMars" and sing at various events and various artists.

In 2010, collaborating with Matteo and Lora on single "Lovaman", then released the song "Gypsy Queen" under the name Lauryn and 2012 launches with the band LifeOnMars single "Love Life".