Background information
Born Aktau, Kazakhstan
Occupation(s) Singer, songwriter
Instruments Vocals
Years active 2010 – present

Luina (born in Aktau, Kazakhstan) is a Kazakh singer-songwriter. Her career started in 2010, after she won the Kazakh edition of the worldwide known TV show, X-factor. In just one year, in 2011, her first single "Luna" (The Moon) became very well-known in Kazakhstan and Russia. She was named "Singer of 2012" by the Cosmopolitan magazine in Kazakhstan.

North Vision Song Contest

She first wished to participate for Kazakhstan in the 8th edition with the song "Qalaysa", however, she came 2nd in the national selection, Heart Kazakhstan. She was then to participate in Heart Kazakhstan 3 with the song "Bez tebya", before it was cancelled. After the cancellation she was chosen internally to represent Kazakhstan in the 9th edition, with the song "Gimme Gimme". She again wished to represent Kazakhstan in NVSC #11, with her song "Keshir meni" placed in a small poll for the Kazakh entry. She, however, scored last in the poll.

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