Luminize, four energetic ladies from Croatia, are doing everything in their power to prove to the world that it is possible to become successful as an all-girl rock band.

Music experts from the Netherlands, Croatia, Germany and the UK combined their efforts which resulted in the production of two singles so far. Their first single “Kill it with Love” has been released in September 2014. Their second single “Get It Back” in March 2015.

With their producer being in the Netherlands they moved to The Hague to be able to fully commit to their careers.

They are four girls on a mission doing everything they can to become successful as an all-girl rockband.

Just like their name, the girls of LUMINIZE radiate great energy and can light up any stage. Members of LUMINIZE: Matilda, Marcela, Irena and Tea all met while singing for their local town choir and attending music school.

When their guitar teacher put together a boy band the girls felt inspired to create an all girl rock band of their own. With the support of their guitar teacher the band slowly started to develop. Little did they know how quickly their band would gain popularity.


  • MARCELA - Lead Singer
  • MATILDA - Lead Guitarist
  • IRENA - Drummer
  • TEA - Bassist

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