Background information
Origin Budapest, Hungary
Genres Pop/Rock
Labels White Sonic Record
Members Lapis Botond
Bátori Miklós 'Maykee'
Kiss Dániel

MDC is a Hungarian pop/rock boyband.

Two of the founding members of the band got to know each other during Miki Dani university studies and who have a common friend's recommendation joined the third member, Boti. It was the first goal of the three-member lineup, to be known pop songs work on two acoustic guitars, a vocal and an orchestration. After the first tests it turned out that the 2013 X-Factor is possible to start orchestral formations, such as the MDC is persistent nevezett.A preparation paid off, the band finished in 12th place in the talent competition.

Even after the show relegation active in the gang were given an opportunity to present his first song (you are not any other), brought by the X-Factor days and the show finale evokes Top 12 contestants joint opening song writing (Life is waiting).

From the beginning of this year, the MDC provincial cities the audience and the stage of clubs have met in Budapest to individuals or teams Szikora Robi and within the framework of the tour.

In May 2014 released the first video clip "Get rid of it", in which high rotation started playing in the Hungarian music channel VIVA television and first place in the ranking list of Hungarian managed to keep for several weeks, it was also heard in several rural radio as well. In autumn 2014 released a second video clip, "You are not any other" in dalukhoz that most of the music channel playing back high rotation.

The work on the series Dal2015 team into the top performer among 30, their song "Maniac" section.

In April 2015 filmed the song "Maniac" in which the video clip of them received the VIVA VIVA TV in May Push-through.

In May 2015 the team has been asked to write a song for the Beach Handball Budaörsön event to be held in EBT. It's called "Fair Play.

In June 2015 the team's new song of the "Fair Play" Beach Handball was held in Lloret de Mar. official European Championships song. The boys of the event was the opening event for songs, and a closing concert also gave those present, Spain.

In August 2015 the guys could occur again before the Hooligans, the Barba Negra sold-out final concert of the summer track.

In September 2015 FIVE prepared the book was written by two dalukhoz the video, titled FIVE (Edge of the Night) and the VIVA television dubbed the MANIAC was the "SONG OF THE YEAR" award.