Made in Andorra 1
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Final 13th January 2014
Venue Poliesportiu D'Andorra
Andorra La Vella, Andorra
Presenter(s) Mónica Naranjo
Broadcaster RTVA
Entries 10
System 100% International jury
Winner Edurne - Painkiller
Made in Andorra
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Made in Andorra 1 was the first edition of the Andorran national selection which selection Andorra's entry for the seventh edition of North Vision Song Contest.


On the 20th December, is was revealed that the Poliesportiu D'Andorra had been chosen to host the first edition of Made in Andorra. As well as that, it was also revealed that Mónica Naranjo would host the selection.
On the 24th December, RTVA began to announcement the participants who would be taking part in the first edition of Made in Andorra which ran over the course of 10 days. The full list of participants was revealed on the 2nd January.


118 01 poliandorra

Poliesportiu D'Andorra

Poliesportiu is the main music & sport venue of Andorra, seating 1784 people.


Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 Spanish Amaia Montero "Tu Mirada" 04 137
02 English Virgina Labuat "The Time Is Now" 09 112
03 English Edurne "Painkiller" 01 176
04 English Gisela "Sugarwood" 10 105
05 English, Spanish Núria Swan "Romeo" 06 129
06 English Venus "Pin Up Girl" 05 132
07 Spanish Pablo Alborán "Éxtasis" 08 112
08 English Ruth Lorenzo "Love Is Dead" 02 162
09 English Romy Low "Little Miss Flapper" 07 125
10 English Devlin ft. Diane Birch "Rewind" 03 144

Italic Foreign act selected by the jury members from RTVA.


In the final, all jury members were asked to vote in Eurovision style; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12 will be given to each participant. The artist with the highest amount of votes was then chosen to represent Andorra in the seventh edition of North Vision Song Contest.

List of countries that voted

Countries Algeria, Andorra, Armenia, AustriaAzerbaijan, BelgiumBosnia and Herzegovina, BulgariaCroatia, Cyprus, Denmark, FranceKazakhstanLiechtenstein, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, PolandPortugal, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine 22

12 points

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points
5 Painkiller Andorra, United Kingdom, Cyprus, France, Kazakhstan
4 Love Is Dead Azerbaijan, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Armenia
Tu Mirada Malta, Lithuania, Austria, Denmark
2 Rewind Algeria, Bulgaria
Romeo Portugal, Rest Of The World
Little Miss Flapper Sweden, Poland
Sugarwood Croatia, Ukraine
1 Pin Up Girl Norway
Éxtasis Bosnia


  1. Flag of Norway Stella Mwangi
  2. Flag of United Kingdom Lily Allen
  3. Flag of Sweden Lynda Woodruff
  4. Flag of Azerbaijan Ilhama Gasimova
  5. Flag of Croatia Danijela Martinovic
  6. Flag of Kazakhstan Makpal Isabekova
  7. Flag of Algeria Zaho
  8. Flag of Ukraine Ruslana
  1. Flag of Armenia Tamar Kaprelian
  2. Flag of Cyprus Ivi Adamou
  3. Flag of Denmark Aura Dione
  4. Flag of France Indila
  5. Flag of Poland Jula
  6. Flag of Lithuania GJan
  7. Flag of Bulgaria Bogomil
  8. Flag of Portugal Ana Free
  1. Flag of Malta Chiara
  2. Flag of Austria Charlee
  3. Flag of Liechtenstein Linda Teodosiu
  4. Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Maya Sar
  5. Flag of Belgium Silke Mastbooms
  6. Flag of Andorra Carolina Cerezuela
  7.  Rest Of The World

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