Made in Andorra 3
Logo for Made in Andorra 3
Final 20th October 2014
Venue Poliesportiu D'Andorra
Andorra La Vella, Andorra
Presenter(s) Cristina Pedroche
Broadcaster RTVA
Entries 10
System 100% International Jury
Winner Natalia Jiménez - Creo En Mi
Made in Andorra
◄ 2 Eurovision Heart 4 ►

Made in Andorra 3 was the third edition of the Andorran national selection which will selection Andorra's entry for the eleventh edition of North Vision Song Contest.


On the 20th September, it was revealed that the Made in Andorra #3 was going to return after 2 editions of break. As well as that, it was also revealed that Cristina Pedroche would host the selection.
On the 22nd September, RTVA began to announcement the participants who would be taking part in the third edition of Made in Andorra which ran over the course of 10 days. The full list of participants was revealed on the 1st October.


118 01 poliandorra

Poliesportiu D'Andorra

Poliesportiu is the main music & sport venue of Andorra, seating 1784 people.


Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 Spanish Natalia Jiménez "Creo En Mi" 1 181
02 Spanish Maldita Nerea "Mira Dentro" 10 79
03 English Auryn "Puppeteer" 5 110
04 Spanish Bustamante "Feliz" 9 82
05 English María Sagana "Sha La La" 3 118
06 Spanish Natalia "Besa Mi Piel" 2 121
07 English Brittany Mullen Ft. Leroy Sanchez "War Island" 8 91
08 Spanish Victoria Riba "Mirame" 7 97
09 English Carlos Jean "Lead The Way" 6 109
10 Catalan Crossing "Parem El Temps" 4 114


  1. Flag of Greece Anna Vissi
  2. Flag of Albania Era Istrefi
  3. Flag of Ukraine Ani Lorak
  4. Flag of United Kingdom Alesha Dixon
  5. Flag of Norway Alida
  6. Flag of Ireland Alexandra Burke
  7. Flag of Sweden Alvaro Estrella
  1. Flag of Montenegro Lana Jurcevic
  2. Flag of Poland Grzegorz Hyzy
  3. Flag of Denmark Elize Ryd
  4. Flag of Georgia Anri Joxadze
  5. Flag of Hungary András Kallay
  6. Flag of Algeria Samir Merabet
  1. Flag of Faroe Islands Greta Svabo
  2. Flag of Azerbaijan Jay Meel
  3. Flag of Armenia Sirusho
  4. Flag of Germany Helene Fischer
  5. Flag of Malta Ira Losco
  6. Flag of Andorra Llum Barrera

1 Rest of the World spokesperson.

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