Made in Andorra 6
Logo for Made in Andorra 6
Final 12 January 2016
Venue Poliesportiu D'Andorra
Andorra La Vella, Andorra
Presenter(s) Aneu Riba
Broadcaster RTVA
Entries 6
System 100% International Jury
Made in Andorra
◄ 5 Eurovision Heart 7 ►

Made in Andorra 6 was the sixth edition of the Andorran national selection which selected Andorra's entry for the eighteenth edition of North Vision Song Contest.


On the 21st of December, it was revealed that the Made in Andorra would be once again the National Selection for Andorra. As well as that, it was also revealed that Aneu Riba would host the selection.
On the 21st of December, RTVA announced the first participant of the edition and the last one was announced on the 8th of January.


118 01 poliandorra

Poliesportiu D'Andorra

Poliesportiu is the main music & sport venue of Andorra, seating 1784 people.


Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 English Yall ft. Gabriela Richardson "Hundred Miles" 1 387
02 Spanish Salvador Beltrán "No Intentes Amarrarme" 4 296
03 Spanish Ana Mena "No Soy Como Tú Crees" 3 301
04 Spanish Ricky Furiati "Imperfecta" 5 263
05 Spanish María Villalón "Descalza" 2 331
06 English Daira "So Hot (My Baby)" 6 246

Voting and results

All NVSC related participants could vote in the National Selection, and the voters were divided in groups to present the final results.


Made in Andorra #6
Countries TBA

12 points

The twelve points and the highest points that were given in the final.

No. Song Country/ies giving 12 points


The countries were randomly divided in six groups for the voting. The six groups were revealed during the voting and were the following:

Group A Group B Group C
Group D Group E Group F

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