Made in Andorra 7
Logo for Made in Andorra 7
Final 2 July 2016
Venue Poliesportiu D'Andorra
Andorra La Vella, Andorra
Presenter(s) Ana Mena
Broadcaster RTVA
Entries 6
System 100% International Jury
Made in Andorra
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Made in Andorra 7 was the seventh edition of the Andorran national selection which selected Andorra's entry for the twentieth edition of North Vision Song Contest.


On the 17th of June, it was revealed that the Made in Andorra would be once again the National Selection for Andorra. Later, it was revealed that Ana Mena would host the selection.
On the 21 June, RTVA announced the first participant of the edition and the last one was announced on the TBA of TBA.


118 01 poliandorra

Poliesportiu D'Andorra

Poliesportiu is the main music & sport venue of Andorra, seating 1784 people.


Draw Language Artist Song Place Points
01 Spanish Carlos Weinberg "Mi Mundo Gris"
02 English Random "Rest of My Life"
03 English Lucía Gil "Fool 2 Try"
04 English Wally Lopez ft. Jamie Scott "Can't Stop The Beat"
05 Spanish Cristobal "Loca"
06 English Marsal Ventura ft. Gerox "Take My Hand"