Made in Ireland has been the national selection for Ireland from the North Vision Song Contest 6


For the first 5 editions of the contest Ireland had used internal selections, which served them well producing their best result to date when Leona Lewis achieved 5th place in the North Vision Song Contest 3.

RTE's bugget for NVSC had been increased, which when coupled with the growing number of artists wishing to represent Ireland, lead to the creation of Ireland's first National Selection: Made in Ireland.

Winners of Made in Ireland

Edition  Artist  Song  Points in the NS  Place in North Vision  Winning Sponsor
01 Geraldine Mcqueen "Once Upon a Christmas Song" 32 25
02 Clare Maguire  "The Last Dance" 126 20
03 Ryan Dolan "Start Again" 124 18
04 Lesley Roy "Thinking Out Loud" 94 39 (17th in Semi) Flag of Denmark Denmark
05 Phildel feat. Sleepthief "Dust and Cloud" 88 18 Flag of Sweden Sweden
06 Janet Devlin "House of Cards" 167 11 Flag of Denmark Denmark
07 "Walking On Cars" "Hand in Hand" 71