Made in Ireland

Studio 4 RTÉ Television Centre

Donnybrook, Dublin 4
Presenter(s) Janet Devlin
Broadcaster RTÉ
Entries 8
System 100% national jury (8,6,4,2,-2,-4,-6,-8)
Winner Geraldine McQueen - Once Upon A Christmas Song
Made in Ireland
Eurovision Heart 2 ►

Made in Ireland was the national selction RTÉ used to select who would represent Ireland at the North Vision Song Contest 6


Draw  Artist  Song   Place  Points 
1 Clare Maguire "Changing Faces" 8 -64
2 Geraldine McQueen "Once Upon a Christmas Song" 1 32 
3 Nadine Coyle "Sweetest High" 5 12
4 Pat Bryne "The End of the World" 4 20
5 Ryan Dolan "Feel" 6 -18
6 Ryan O'Shaughnessy "No Name" 7 -30
7 Wonderland "Not a Love Song" 2 26
8 Imelda May "Mayhem" 3 20

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