Made in Ireland 4 was the selection process Flag of Ireland Ireland used to select its entry for the North Vision Song Contest 9

Made in Ireland
Final 31st May
Venue CIT Arts Office
Presenter(s) Ryan Tubridy
Broadcaster RTÉ
Entries 11

Jury (12,10,8,6,4,2,-2,-4,-6,-8)

Televote (50 points to be distributed)
Winner TBA
Made in Ireland
◄ 3 Eurovision Heart 5 ►

Each nation that applied were sent two singers, then they had to pick one to sponsor, and would then work with them to choose a song.

Country  Broadcaster  Possible acts 

Flag of Ireland Ireland

RTÉ Samantha Mumba
Orla Gartland
Flag of Cyprus Cyprus CyBC Freemasons
Toy Soldier
Flag of Sweden Sweden SVT Knocking Ghost
Denmark Denmark DR Lesley Roy
Slow Skies

Flag of Norway Norway

NRK Phildel
Kim Hayden
Flag of Greece Greece Nerit The Heathers
Fight Like Apes
Flag of Moldova Moldova TRM Janet Devlin
Flag of Germany Germany NDR Royseven
Runaway GO
Algeria Algeria ENTV Orla Gartland
Dirty Epics
Flag of Lebanon Lebanon LBC Young Wonder
I'm Your Vinyl
Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom BBC Royseven

The Final

Draw  Sponsor country  Artist  Song  Place  Points 
01 Algeria Algeria Dirty Epics "Let's Be Alone" 03 68
02 Denmark Denmark Lesley Roy "Thinking Out loud" 01 94
03 Flag of Greece Greece The Heathers "Remember When" 11 -31
04 Flag of Germany Germany Runaway GO "I Would Go" 10 13
05 Flag of Ireland Ireland Samantha Mumba "Only Just Begun" 08 24
06 Flag of Moldova Moldova KeyWest "Messages From God" 02 90
07 Flag of Cyprus Cyprus Freemasons ft. Sophie Ellis Bextor "Bittersweet" 05 60
08 Flag of Sweden Sweden O.R.B. "Feel it in your Soul" 06 40
09 Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom Royseven "We Should Be Lovers" 09 22
10 Flag of Lebanon Lebanon Young Wonder "Orange" 07 38
11 Flag of Norway Norway Kim Hayden "Better" 04 65

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