Made in Ireland 7
Final 21st February
Venue Dublin, Flag of Ireland Ireland
Broadcaster RTÉ
Entries 8
System 50% Jury Vote (12, 10, 8, 4, 1, 0, -4, and -8)
50% Televote (100 points to distribute)
Winner "Hand in Hand"
by Walking On Cars
Made in Ireland
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Made in Ireland 7 is the national selection process RTÉ implemented in order to choose the Irish representative in the North Vision Song Contest 13 in Israel.

The Final

The Final was broadcasted on the 21st of February.

Draw Sponsor Nation Artist Song Place Points
01 Flag of Norway Norway Frankmusik "Stabilizher" 05 35
02 Flag of Croatia Croatia Elin Flur "Sgwenna Dy Stori" 02 70
03 Flag of Greece Greece Tara Lee "Soundtrack" 04 49
04 Flag of Germany Germany Joni Fatora "Monsters" 07 34
05 Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan Darling "Echoes" 08 17
06 Flag of Romania Romania Nadia Forde "Haunted" 06 35
07 Flag of Ireland Ireland The Str8jackets & Sam Obernik "Love & Oxygen" 03 58
08 Denmark Denmark Walking On Cars "Hand in Hand" 01 71

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