Background information
Origin Groningen, Netherlands
Labels Warner Music
Brainzone Records
Members Joey Dussel
Björn Baay
Marvin Fockens
Joren Kuipers
Alusein Rosier

The Dutch band MakeBelieve is back! In three years of radio-silence they worked secretly on a brand new album and by the sound of it, you can say that MakeBelieve is not just a one-day-fly.

About the band

Their pop sound is still there and it sounds catchy and energetic but the songs are much more diverse and more successful than before. Who listens to the single Follow, hears that it has the potential to become an international hit. This is a song standing on its own, but it still sounds like home. You want to listen to it over and over again. You can say that every MakeBelieve song has this power. They try to find a place inside your head and try to stay there as long as possible. It sounds big, warm and gives you hope. Everything sounds a bit more electronic than before. What is not a total suprise because they worked this time with producers who wrote songs for artist like: Adele, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry and Manic Street Preachers.

In a matter of time they achieved something that many bands dream of. Joey Dussel: Of course we are proud of what we achieved, but when I listen to the music we make those days. It sounds way better now and you can’t compare it with our music back then. There were times that they really started to miss the crowd but still thought that the songs weren’t ready yet. In those times they stayed strong and people who are listening to the international and good quality music of MakeBelieve understand why it was a good idea to continue to work on the songs. This band has the potential to become huge. It’s Just a Matter of Time....


  • Joey Dussel - Vocals,
  • Björn Baay - Guitar & Backing Vocals,
  • Marvin Fockens - Guitar & Backing Vocals,
  • Joren Kuipers - Bass,
  • Alusein Rosier - Drums.

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