Flag of Latvia "Maldugunis dzēšot"
Maldugunus Dzesot
North Vision Song Contest 5 entry
Country Latvia
Artist(s) Antra Stafecka
Language Latvian
Finals performance
Semi-final result 20th, 34 points
Appearance chronology
◄ "Esi man klāt" (4)   
"Now or Never" (6) ►

"Maldugunis dzēšot" (English: Deleting a fen fire) is a song by Latvian singer Antra Stafecka. It was chosen to represent Latvia in the North Vision Song Contest 5 in Denmark.


Antra Stafecka performing her song in Denmark

Antra Stafecka won the selection but her victory wasn't that straightforward. She actually reached the second place in the selection, but since the first placed song could not enter, and the crowd choose her song over other songs, she got the ticket to Denmark with her pop-rock ballad like song which is about that the Latvian people needs to join together. Though it scored the worst result of Latvia in the contest by far.