Markus Riva
Background information
Origin Riga, Latvia
Occupation(s) singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, actor, model, video director, TV host
Years active 2005-present

Markus Riva is a Latvian singer, songwriter, producer, DJ, actor, model, video director, host of tv shows and contests.


Attracted to music since the age of three, with a classical music background as a singer in the Riga Dom Cathedral Boys Choir, quiet, humble, sometimes shy but with a positive attitude, Markus is pursuing his dreams in playing, performing and creating songs. His sources of inspiration are his friends and the surrounding environment, as well as some heartaches and pains he has gone through. 
Markus has released 2 albums as a solo artist and many radio singles that have been #1 Songs on the charts of iTunes and radio stations.

Tv Show

Today Markus Riva is not only a stylish, popular musician but also a song writer, producer, DJ and TV & radio host. In the end of 2014 Markus Riva was one of the super finalists of the prime-time TV show “I Want to Work with Meladze” (Хочу к Меладзе) where he earned good reviews from the sharks of Russian show business and broke hearts of millions of girls from Russia, the Baltic States, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and other countries.

Latest singles

In 2015 Markus released his first single in Russian language with title “Taty”; video for the single was made by the iconic director Alan Badoev. English version of this single is called “Take Me Down” and it is one of the finalist songs for Latvian Eurovision song contest. In the first few days music video received a lot of good reviews and an impressive number of youtube views.


Markus is one of the most recognisable party DJ’s in Latvia. He regularly plays at hype clubs; he is also a radio host for Capital FM 94.9. Markus has played in countless exclusive events, like “Fashion TV”, “Veuve Clicquot” “H&M”, “Gumball 3000”, “Playboy Magazine”, “Cosmopolitan”, “Riga Fashion Week”, “Swedbank” amongst others. Also he has performed gigs in many world-renowned cities, including Dubai, Barcelona, Berlin, Zurich, London, Moscow and others.

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