Megan is a French singer.

Two years after her passage through Popstars we discover the real Megan! "Sous ma peau" is the first single from her first solo album. This first single shows all the talent of this star in the making. Juvenile and delicate stamp Megan eyeing more on the side of emotion and freshness of the cold vocal performance. The refrain "You did not read my laughter behind, you did not read my words back, you have not been able to discover me" sung by Megan can not leave insensitive. It is through his voice and beyond the words she does feel the pain of the break. The stars are aligned for shining the young niçoise in "Sous ma peau". First, the music is a delicate urban pop sound, composed by the talented Belgian Simon Dusausoy. We guess this choice the influence of artists like Katy Perry or Taylor Swift at the young singer. Then lyricist François Welgryn (feather Color Gitano or kendji of THE International Tal) transcribed perfectly the moods of the girl 20 years. Megan: A star Is Born.