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"What you did with your hands really turned me on. "
― Controversial line of "Floorplay"
Broadcaster TRM16
Selection process
Appearances 18 (11 finals)
Debut NVSC 2
Best result 2nd: NVSC 16
Worst result 17th: NVSC 3, 15 SF
North Vision Ranking of Nations
Rank (#18) 7th
Highest ranking 7th
Lowest ranking 48th

Flag of Moldova Moldova debuted in the second edition of the North Vision Song Contest and have been participating ever since with the exception of the fourteenth edition. Originally funded by MLTV, Teleradio Moldova (TRM) has been in charge for the country's participation since the fourth edition.

The broadcaster has hosted many different national and international selections. Selecția Națională Moldova has been the first national selection in the fifth edition and was succeeded by Șansa ta in the sixth, seventh and eight editions respectively. The current national selection format chosen is AVEM, taking place since the fifteenth edition.

Their entry for the second to fourth were selected internally due to low budget funds. Both entries for North Vision Song Contest 9 and North Vision Song Contest 10 were planned to be chosen via Șansa ta, but eventually cancelled. Hence, the eleventh to thirteenth edition saw a regular internal selection. The entry for the sixteenth edition was selected internally due to being in the pre-qualification round of the edition, delaying the new national selection AVEM.

Moldova has achieved three top tens and seven qualifications, being pre-qualified in the eleventh and seventeenth edition. They have participated in the pre-qualification round once. Popular entries from the country include "Uhodi", "Flying", "Loc pentru dragoste" and "Visele". Moldova has been the first place of the betting odds twice (#10 and #16) and the second place once (#06).

Moldova came second in North Vision Song Contest 16 with "Loc pentru dragoste" and has qualified ever since. Recently, the country scored its highest points in both semi-final and final with "Visele" in North Vision Song Contest 20.


North Vision Song Contest

Table key
     Second place
     Third place
     Last place
     Automatically qualified to the final
     Did not qualify for the final
     Did not compete or was relegated
Edn Host loc. Artist Song GF Pts SF Pts
#02 Flag of Iceland Reykjavik Sasha Lopez, Broono, Andreea D "All My People" NQ 12 60
#03 Flag of Switzerland Winterthur Alexandrina "Printre Flori" 17 45
#04 Flag of Sweden Gothenburg Angelika Vee, Kylian Mash "Cash Out" 13 109 6 81
#05 Flag of Denmark Aarhus Kaiia "Uhodi" 6 140 6 93
#06 Flag of Lebanon Beirut Mani & FireLove "Miroase-a mare" NQ 13 51
#07 Flag of United Kingdom Liverpool Victoria Duffield "Break My Heart" 12 64
#08 Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo Angelika Vee, Jérémy Amelin "Oh, Oh" 20 73 8 70
#09 Flag of Norway Oslo DJ Layla, Alissa "Single Lady" NQ 11 58
#10 Flag of Norway Bergen Boris Covali "Flying" 4 139 9 65
#11 Flag of Ukraine Lviv Angelika Vee "Tie You Up (Impreuna Iar)" 25 42 AQ
#12 Flag of Denmark Herning Cătălin Josan "Floorplay" 19 81 8 73
#13 Flag of Israel Tel Aviv Olga Busuioc & Igor Stribiţchi "Difficili Amori" NQ 14 56
#14 Flag of Kazakhstan Astana Did not compete
#15 Flag of Denmark Copenhagen Dima Trofim "Cersesc iubire" NQ 17 42
#16 Flag of Israel Jerusalem Aliona Moon "Loc pentru dragoste" 2 176 3 118
#17 Flag of Switzerland Zürich Adriana Rusu "Arde (Bol'no)" 19 88 AQ
#18 Flag of Belgium Brussels Sonya Kay "Obnimi menya" 11 133 3 109
#19 Flag of Italy Italy Nicoleta Nuca "Inima mea" 19 189 7 154
#20 Flag of Albania Tirana Irina Rimes "Visele" 5 349 2 250
#21 Flag of Czech Republic Prague Nicoleta Nuca "Amintiri" TBD AQ

Split Voting

Edn Artist Song GF/J Pts SF/J Pts GF/T Pts SF/T Pts
#04 Angelika Vee, Kylian Mash "Cash Out"
#05 Kaiia "Uhodi"
#06 Mani & FireLove "Miroase-a mare" NQ NQ
#07 Victoria Duffield "Break My Heart" NQ NQ
#08 Angelika Vee, Jérémy Amelin "Oh, Oh"
#09 DJ Layla, Alissa "Single Lady" NQ NQ
#10 Boris Covali "Flying"
#11 Angelika Vee "Tie You Up (Impreuna Iar)" AQ AQ
#12 Cătălin Josan "Floorplay"
#13 Olga Busuioc & Igor Stribiţchi "Difficili Amori" NQ NQ
#14 Did not compete
#15 Dima Trofim "Cersesc iubire" NQ 20 14 Qualified 7 77
#16 Aliona Moon "Loc pentru dragoste" 1 181 2 114 3 172 5 100
#17 Adriana Rusu "Arde (Bol'no)" 15 98 AQ 19 88 AQ
#18 Sonya Kay "Obnimi menya" 14 100 2 123 11 135 6 89
#19 Nicoleta Nuca "Inima mea" 13 109 6 101 NQ 12 53
#20 Irina Rimes "Visele" 6 168 2 138 3 179 3 112
#21 Nicoleta Nuca "Amintiri" TBD AQ TBD AQ

Draw history

Moldova has so far competed in a total of twenty-six shows ‒ one pre-qualification round, fifteen semi-finals and nine finals. The country is by far mostly allocated to the middle-aligned draws #13 to #16 (accounting for roughly 40% of appearances in NVSC). Also, the country has performed as both first and last in various shows. Male acts are usually allocated to the first semi-final.

Edn. Entry Final SF1 SF2 PQR
#02 "All My People" Failed to qualify 14 N/A
#03 "Printre Flori" Failed to qualify 18
#04 "Cash Out" 08 03
#05 "Uhodi" 13 01
#06 "Miroase-a mare" Failed to qualify 04
#07 "Break My Heart" Failed to qualify 13
#08 "Oh, Oh" 02 13
#09 "Single Lady" Failed to qualify 06
#10 "Flying" 15 16
#11 "Tie You Up (Impreuna Iar)" 21 "Big 5"
#12 "Floorplay" 09 20
#13 "Difficili Amori" Failed to qualify 06
#14 Did not compete
#15 "Cersesc iubire" Failed to qualify 20
#16 "Loc pentru dragoste" 06 14 07
#17 "Arde (Bol'no)" 15 "Big 6"
#18 "Obnimi menya" 14
#19 "Inima mea" 08
#20 "Visele" 18
#21 "Amintiri" 22 "Big 6"

Betting Odds

Since the fourth edition, the betting odds are presented after the sneak peeks have been posted. They give a vague view on which countries are likely to win the competition. Moldova has been the first-to-win in the odds two times, coming second once and fifth as recent as North Vision Song Contest 20.

Edition Placement Score Actual result Difference
#04 19th $25 13th +6
#05 2nd 2.30€ 6th -4
#06 14th 21.50€ 13th (SF) -15
#07 23rd 4.36 12th (SF) -6
#08 N/A 20th N/A
#09 32nd 4.72 11th (SF) +5
#10 1st 2.94 4th -3
#11 42nd 4.73 25th (last) +17
#12 16th 4.05 19th -3
#13 51st 5.60 14th (SF) +17
#14 Did not compete
#15 14th 3.69 17th (SF) -26
#16 1st 2.42 2nd -1
#17 24th 3.95 19th +5
#18 15th 3.83 11th +4
#19 8th 3.50 19th -11
#20 5th 3.06 5th 0
#21 3rd 3.11 N/A

North Vision Awards

The North Vision Awards (formerly known as the After-show Awards) is a ceremony held to honour the artists and songs of the editions. Moldova has received three awards out of the sixteen nominations of the Moldovan artists and songs.

Ceremony Nominated Award Result
#07 "Break My Heart" Best Pop Nominated
#08 "Oh, Oh" Best Band / Duet Won
Best Eastern Song Nominated
(special awards)
"Break My Heart" Most Controversial Entry Ever Nominated
#11 "Tie You Up (Impreuna Iar)" Best Dance / R&B Nominated
Best Eastern song Nominated
Best Big 5 song Nominated
Best Bottom 5 song Nominated
#12 Cătălin Josan Best Male Artist Nominated
"Floorplay" Best Eastern Song Won
#13 Igor Stribiţchi Best Male Artist Nominated
"Difficili Amori" Best Ballad Nominated
Best Eastern Song Nominated
#15 Dima Trofim Best Male Artist Won
"Cersesc iubire" Best Non-English Song Nominated
Best Eastern Song Nominated
#16 Aliona Moon Best Female Artist Nominated
"Loc pentru dragoste" Best Pop Song Nominated
Best Non-English Song Nominated
Best Eastern Song Nominated
Best Top 6 Song Nominated
#17 "Arde (Bol'no)" Best Big 6 Song Nominated
Best Non-English Song Nominated
Best Eastern Song Nominated

Voting history


12 points


Commentators and spokespersons

Edition(s) Commentator Spokesperson Broadcaster
NVSC #02 without commentation Katy Rain MLTV
NVSC #03 Dennis Middlebuck Angelika Vee
NVSC #04 Dan Balan TRM
NVSC #05 Katy Rain
NVSC #06 Britt Nicole
NVSC #07 Mishelle
NVSC #08 Katy Rain
NVSC #09
NVSC #10 Olivia Furtună
NVSC #11 Lidia Scarlat
NVSC #12 Iuliana Puschila
NVSC #13 Dima Trofim
NVSC #14 did not participate
NVSC #15 Dianna Rotaru
NVSC #16 Angelika Vee
NVSC #17 Ale Blake
NVSC #18 Alexandrina Hristov

Other contests

OGAN Second Chance Contest

The contest takes place during the contest. It is not an televised event, but only through YouTube. Moldova debuted in the first edition already, held for the eighth edition.

Edn. Artist Song Final Points NS Place
#08 Karizma "O Nota-n Plus" 19 46 2nd
Did not participate between the second and seventh editions
#15 Dianna Rotaru "Am plecat" 8 63 2nd
Did not participate in the ninth edition
#17 Sasha Lopez feat. Ale Blake & Broono "Kiss You" 2 105 2nd
#18 Tany Vander "Take Me Away" 6 71 2nd
#19 Sandy C "Weak For Your Love" 7 74 2nd
#20 Nicoleta Nuca "Castele De Nisip" 3 98 2nd

Junior North Vision Song Contest

The contest is only for European artists under the age of 16. Moldova debuted in the fourth edition and has participated in the two following editions before withdrawing for three editions. It has participated again since the tenth edition.

Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
Did not participate between the first and third edition
#04 Soledad Baciu "Time To Say Goodbye" 22 15 No semi-finals
#05 Anastasia Levcenco "Moldova mea" 12 39
#06 Cleopatra Stratan "Ghita" 5 80
Did not participate between the seventh and ninth edition
#10 Lollipops "Am la tara, la bunici" TBD

Balkan Music Bash

The contest is held between the Balkan countries that are members of the North Broadcasting Union. Moldova debuted in the first edition. However, the country has not participated ever since due to arguments between the host broadcasters.

Edn. Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Eduard Lopatenco, Irina Tarasiuc, SereNado "Anul nou, lume!" 10 38 No semi-finals
Did not participate since the first edition

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