Myriam Fares
ميريام فارس
Myriam Fares
Myriam Fares on stage
Born (1983-05-03) May 3, 1983 (age 34)
Origin Lebanon
Occupation Singer, dancer, actress,
record producer, fashion designer
Years active 2003–present
Label Myriam Music

Myriam Fares (ميريام فارس) is a Lebanese singer and entertainer. She is best known for her album "Bet'oul Eh”.


2008–2011: Bet'oul Eh, and Min Oyouni

Myriam's third studio album "Bet'oul Eh", was released in April 2008. The album creatively mixes music genres. It consists of nine songs, including romantic ballad "Mouch Ananiya". The music video showcases Myriam’s acting skills, and the video was executed under the direction of Leila Kanaan.

Two other songs of the Album "Bet'oul Eh" are "Betrouh", and "Iyyam EL Shiti" were shot as music videos in Paris incarnating cinematographic ideas under Smayara's direction.

Myriam's fourth studio album "Min Oyouni", was released on September 1st, 2011. It consists of nine songs.

2013–present: Itiham, Marriage, and Aman

Myriam made her acting debut with Itiham during the month of Ramadan. Myriam announced her fifth studio album Aman to be released on January 5th, 2015. Myriam made a record on Anghami, the popular music streaming service in the Arab world, for the most played artist, and album for Aman.

Early Life

She is a Maronite Christian. In 2014, she married Danny Mitri.


Silina (2009)

Itiham Series (2014)

Studio albums


  • Mastering : Tony Haddad
  • Design : Kinda Mourani
  • Year : 2003
  1. Ana Wel Shoq
  2. Ghmorni
  3. La Tis'alni
  4. Shou Badou
  5. Inta el Hayat
  6. Ahebbak Heil
  7. Hal Gharam Mish Gharam
  8. Ya Alem Bil Hal


  • Mastering : Tony Haddad
  • Design : Kinda Mourani
  • Photography : Carine & charbel
  • Year : 2005
  1. Nadini
  2. Aanadiya
  3. Hasisni Beek
  4. Haklek Rahtak
  5. Leih Habibi
  6. Maarafsh Had Bel Esmi Da
  7. Haset B Aman
  8. Khalini Teer
  9. Zaalan Menni
  10. Waheshni Eih

Bet'oul Eih

  • Mastering : Tony Haddad
  • Design : Kinda Murani & Music is my life
  • Photography : Hussien Salman
  • Year : 2008
  1. Mouch Ananiya
  2. Eih Yalli Byohsal
  3. Bet'oul Eih
  4. Betrouh
  5. Iyyam El Chitti
  6. Ana Albi Lik
  7. Ala Khwana
  8. Law Konte Radi
  9. Moukanoh Wein

Min Oyouni

  • Mastering : Tony Haddad
  • Design : Nijad Abdelmassih
  • Photography : Rudy Darwich
  • Year : 2011
  1. Min Oyouni
  2. Khalani
  3. Walaou
  4. Ya Sariah
  5. Ah Youma
  6. Artah
  7. Sid Al Koul
  8. Atlah
  9. Kether Al Khayel
  10. Min Oyouni (music instrumental)
  11. Khalani (music instrumental)


  • Year : 2015
  1. Nifsi Aoulhalak
  2. Deggou El Toboul
  3. Bizemmetak
  4. Kifak Enta
  5. Elzeer
  6. Shou Bhebb
  7. Gharrouk
  8. Halla Halla Ya Sabaya
  9. Sympatica
  10. Ma Yani El Nom
  11. Ghafi
  12. Ana Gheir
  13. Aman


Year Album Name (EN) Album Name (AR) Tracks #
2003 Myriam ميريـام 8
2005 Nadini ناديني 10
2008 Bet'oul Eih بتقول أيه 9
2011 Min Oyouni من عيونى 11
2015 Aman آمان 13


Official VideoClips
Year Title Album Director
2003 "Ana Wel Shoq" Myriam Ghassan Koteit
"La Tes'alni" Selim El Turk
"Ahebak Heal" Unknown
2005 "Nadini" Nadini Amir Kreidiye
"Haklik Rahtak" Wissam Smayra
"Waheshny Eah"
2007 "Moukanoh Wein" Bet'oul Eih Yehya Saade
2008 "Mouch Ananiya" Leila Kanaan
"Iyyam EL Shiti" Wissam Smayra
"Eh Elli Behsal" Yehya Saade
2010 "Khalani" Min Oyouni
2011 "Min Oyouni" Joe Bou Eid
"El Gasayed"

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